Best Full Face Snorkel Mask in 2018 – Reviews and Top Picks

best full face snorkel mask

Today, we will talk about different full-face snorkel masks and how they line up in comparison with one another. If you are interested in picking the best full face snorkel mask. We will help you educate yourselfa with things you should know about these masks and pick the best product. By the end of this guide, you will have learned enough about the snorkel masks to choose one for yourself comfortably.

I. Best Full Face Snorkel Mask Comparison Table

Go-Pro mount slot
Lens Type
Best full face snorkel mask




Wide flat view lens

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask




The Seaview 180° lens

Snorkel Mask 180° view for Adults and Youth





Jogoo Full Face Snorkel Mask




Flat wide view lens

Full Face Snorkel Mask




Flat lens

Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask



Yes(with movable mount)

Curved lens and Flat lens (Customers can choose whichever they want)

Usnork 2018 UPGRADE Full Face Snorkel Mask




Anti-fog lens

Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask




Simple lens

II. Best Full Face Snorkel Mask Reviews

  1. WSTOO Panoramic 180° Wide View Snorkel Mask

   1.1 Short review: 

The floating ball will float up and block the inhaling tube to prevent water from entering when the breathing tube is submerged in water. The anti-fogging is made possible with the help of double air-flow channels. This means inhaling and exhaling have their separate chambers. The full-face design helps you in breathing properly and easily. It also has a GoPro mount so you can easily attached your camera on it and shot your videos to share with friends and family.

The falling-off problem of snorkel is eliminated because it comes with a Folded-snorkel reinforcing design. If you had difficulties keeping hold of the snorkel, this might be a good full face mask for you. As an added safety, there is high quality anti-allergic silicone material, CE certified in it which is safe for your skin and there is also a shatterproof polycarbonate window as an added layer of safety.

   1.2 Special things of this product: 

It comes with a shatterproof polycarbonate window, adding more to your safety during your time underwater. Moreover, anti-allergic silicone material means that you will not be getting any rashes or allergies on your skin that is a common case during snorkeling. Double air flow channels in it make sure that there is no fog because there are separate channels for inhaling and exhaling. Last but not the least, it has wide view flat lens which keeps you closest to the reality.

 WSTOO Full Face Snorkel Mask

 1.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • The foldable design that makes the overall experience much more comfortable.
  • Wide view flat lens that brings more into focus and gives a broader view.
  • Double air flow channels for inhaling and exhaling prevent the fogging problem
  • Durable material for long-lasting use
  • Option to mount Go-Pro to capture amazing shots

Things we dislike: 

  • Lens is sometimes distorted after continuous use and things appear to be closer than they actually are.
  • Tilting your head backwards and sideways makes it hard to breathe.

   1.4 Who should get it? 

Overall, it is a good full face snorkeling mask that provides enough safety and protection. However, this doesn’t mean that it could be a good option for newbies and those who don’t have a lot of experience. Only pros at snorkeling would be able to handle it underwater.

  2. WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask

   2.1 Short review: 

If you find snorkeling uncomfortable for you or if you do not like to breathe with a tube in your mouth, WildHorn Seaview 180­­0 is the snorkel mask for you. It is a silicon mask that provides a comfortable fit that does not include any pressure points that are found in other snorkel masks. Say goodbye to having a tube in your mouth, which is an unpleasant experience itself, as there are breathing chambers inside the mask and you get to breathe via an innovative dry snorkel.

WildHorn Seaview 1800 has known to provide the ultimate quality products for quite some time. They combine unique features with a great style for a better snorkeling experience. They meticulously test and design the Seaview 180° for optimal performance, using only high-grade materials. Last but not the least, it is really easy to use. So, you can spend less time fussing with the equipment and more time enjoying your snorkeling experience.

   2.2 Special things of this product: 

The best thing about this product is that the water does not enter the mask. Because the dry snorkel prevents it from entering and you have choice to breathe either through nose or mouth. It also prevents the mask from fogging and gives you a clearer view. The interesting feature of this snorkel mask is that there is a one-way chin valve. This helps in draining the water if it enters through the seal around your face. Who does not like a broader view while snorkeling, right? If that is your preference then you will be happy to know that it has an 1800 lens. It gives optimal undistorted visibility and clearer view.

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask

 2.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Amazing 180 degrees view
  • Offers crystal clear visibility and does not fog up with breathing
  • You can mount the go pro just like the way you want and capture your shots exactly according to your preferences.
  • It is one of the easiest to use snorkel masks around and even the kids can be proficient at using it in no time.
  • Fits comfortably because of its meticulous design

Things we dislike: 

  • Sometimes, the white nosepiece is detached while snorkeling.
  • Some users also feel extreme pressure differential symptoms when going down below 10 feet or more.

   2.4 Who should get it? 

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° is best for the beginners and especially kids who are new to snorkeling and are learning their way around it. Although it has several good features, it could still do some improvements for the pro snorkelers.

  3. ​Snorkel Mask 180° view for Adults and Youth.

   3.1 Short review: 

It is fun to have kids at home who are passionate about snorkeling but are afraid to do so. Because they haven’t had proper equipment, it’s time to know about Snorkel Mask 180° view for Adults and Youth. Mere the concept of breathing underwater is fascinating to the kids who are new to snorkeling. This snorkel mask also makes snorkeling easier and provides an 180view. So, that they can have a broader view and can see more fish and sea creatures.

Everyone loves to record their underwater moments and capture it to share with the rest of the world. If you would like to get a snorkel mask with a pre-attached go pro included. Then Snorkel Mask 180is the one to go for. Capture mesmerizing underwater shots that you can share with friends and family and on social media!

   3.2 Special things of this product: 

It also includes dry snorkel technology so that you can rest easy knowing that salt water will not be getting into your mouth and there will be no gagging concerns. If you are looking for a snorkel mask for the kids, then this is an important factor to keep in mind because kids are new swimmers and gagging could be a major issue in their case.

 ​Snorkel Mask 180° view for Adults and Youth

 3.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Snorkel Mask 180comes with an anti-fog design. So, that you will not have to deal with the mask constantly getting fogged up.
  • Provides enough support for easy breathing and long stays under water.
  • Enjoy not having to wear a mouth piece all the time and it even gives clearer side vision.
  • Ability to submerge without water leaking into snorkel.
  • You can breathe comfortable thanks to the unique dry snorkel

Things we dislike: 

  • Vision on the lower part is a bit blurry but overall view is good.
  • You need to take slow and deep breaths while wearing these masks

   3.4 Who should get it? 

Both the kids and the adults can use this mask because of its added safety and good functionality. Surface snorkeling, not free diving, is the optimal use for this mask due to the large surface area. mask covers large area on your face. If you're ready to have a better snorkel experience, buy the 180° today!

  4. Jogoo Full Face Snorkel Mask

   4.1 Short review: 

If you suffer from headaches wearing snorkel masks then Jogoo Full Face Snorkel Mask could be a good option. It has a flat wide view lens that allows a wider and broader view so you don’t miss anything. It is made of high quality PC – the same material that is used in many medical apparatus and instruments. The lining is made of medical liquid silica gel which is absolutely professional and safe. It also has an elastic fabric that protects your hair and improve the comfort level.

There is no need to hold the snorkel in your mouth as it has a humanized design. It lets you breathe easily and comfortably. The folded and reinforced design prevents the snorkel from falling off during use. It also comes in handy when you need a large amount of oxygen in fast diving.

   4.2 Special things of this product: 

An exciting feature about this snorkel face mask is that there is a waterproof phone pouch. It comes as a gift and you could use it to carry your cell phone. Clear vision is important for your safety when swimming underwater. They offer a shatterproof window as an added safety. Moreover, it is easy to wear and does not twine your hair. The bottom purge valve on the mask can drain water when the head is raised. Last but not the least is that there is a 30 day full refund policy. Just in case if you are not satisfied with the performance of the product.

Jogoo Full Face Snorkel Mask

 4.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • It is comfortable and easy to adjust so it can be used by the kids as well.
  • You can breathe through the nose or mouth but water does not come down the snorkel tube.
  • GoPro Mount; Good for those not wanting to hold their GoPro
  • Comes with short waterproof case for the phone if you want to keep it with you.
  • It is lightweight and comes in handy when snorkeling for longer times

Things we dislike: 

  • Some users experienced the clasp to be a bit sensitive and breaking too easily
  • At times, hinged snorkel connection lets the water in which causes disturbance while snorkeling

   4.4 Who should get it? 

Due to Jogoo Full Face Snorkel Mask durable design and sturdy build, it could be a choice for pro snorkelers or heavy swimmers. However, it is still an excellent first snorkel full face mask for the beginners and kids to start with.

  5. Full Face Snorkel Mask, 2018 New Foldable Snorkeling Mask 

   5.1 Short review: 

If you are looking for a portable snorkeling full face mask, this might be a good option for you. You can just hold the tube by gently pushing a button and it will do the rest. X-lounger snorkel mask also with camera extension pivot arm so you can record videos freely and efficiently. It opens up a whole new of underwater world with a spectacular 1800 field of vision. Moreover, its anti-fog design helps you keep a clearer view and gets rid of foggy display.

If you have a bad experience of choking water, you can rest easy as there is a ball at the top of the tube. It will automatically seal the air valve to prevent water from entering the mask when submerged. There are separate channels for inhaling and exhaling which plays a major role in preventing it from fogging. Detachable Camera Mount with Extender allows you to shot videos just the way you want.

   5.2 Special things of this product: 

We noticed that it is really good range of vision and the snorkel is attached to the mask and folds down when not in use thanks to a hinge and a clasp. If you have trouble breathing underwater then it could be a really good choice as it makes breathing much easier. Moreover, the action camera hardware works really well. Not only that but it has a slightly sleek but sturdy body that is durable and can be counted on. Even if you get little leaks, you could handle these pretty well with the foam stickies that come with it.

2018 New Foldable Snorkeling Mask

 5.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Stunning 1800 view for an unforgettable underwater experience
  • Comes with a nice bag that you can strap over your shoulder like a back pack
  • Attachments for go pro mount to shot videos
  • Sturdy body for long-lasting use
  • Anti-fog design to keep a clear view

Things we dislike: 

  • They could do well with the fittings issue that some people experience.
  • Does not dry well on its own and water can hide in some places.

   5.4 Who should get it? 

It’s a good snorkeling face mask for general use for pretty much everyone. But it has a few shape issues, we would recommend it to be used by adults only. This is because the new snorkelers and kids might face problems breathing due to loose fitting underwater.

  6. Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask with Panoramic View

   6.1 Short review: 

It is a two in one mask and snorkel that offers a 180° view of amazing underwater adventures. Comes with an easily movable GoPro stand. It has a meticulous design that lets you breathe easily underwater through your nose or mouth. There is dry Snorkel system that allows valve to close automatically to prevent water from entering the breathing tube.

Just like the other snorkeling face masks, this one also comes with an anti-fog lens. It eliminates fogging for crystal-clear fish and sea life viewing. Look behind every outcropping and coral reef to see all the beautiful and vibrant creatures below with 180 degrees of panoramic views. If you are a beginner or you are buying this for someone who is new to snorkeling. This could be a good choice because of its ease of use and flawless design.

   6.2 Special things of this product: 

Sometimes, a person might feel trouble breathing underwater but this is nothing to be panicked about. Because just lifting your head fixes the issue with this snorkel face mask. You can save the energy wasted on the surface diving. Thanks to the pre-installed snorkel so it is equally good for both the adults and youngsters.

Vaincre full face snorkel masks are backed by superior reliability and true quality assurance for a confident snorkeling experience. Build quality is nice, the straps have a nice soft texture to them which makes the experience even better.

Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask with Panoramic View

 6.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • A flawless anti-fog lens for crystal clear view underwater
  • It is easy to put on and fits comfortably
  • The broader range of view is definitely the most admirable trait of it.
  • Traditional respirator technology with a snorkel tube lets you breathe easily and comfortably
  • Males can get the rounder one and females can order the flat face one because even though they are same size, they fit a bit differently on a woman's face.

Things we dislike: 

  • Since it is a curved piece, it could get damaged easily when you lay it on the side
  • Sometimes, the users feel stuck between strapping it too tight and strapping it loose which lets the water in

   6.4 Who should get it? 

Given its features, specifications and user reviews, it could be a good option for adult males and adult females who know their way around underwater. It would not be the best snorkel face mask for kids going underwater because of its fitting issues and water leaking in.

  7. Usnork Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids and Adults

   7.1 Short review: 

If you are looking to make the best of your time underwater, Usnork full face mask could be a good option for its variety of good features! You get crystal-clear underwater focus and due to its elaborated structure the movement of air stream, there are no fogging issues. If you snorkel regularly, then you know that there is a risk of water entering the tube with a high wave or diving. That is not an issue with this full face mask because it comes with a special float, which lifts and clogs the upper opening of the tube when the diver submerges in water.

If you are in for getting the experience of a top divers mask, it offers panoramic full face design for a broader, clearer view. The body is made of silicon and plastic with adjustable straps to adjust the fitting on your face. This helps in delivering long-wearing comfort while snorkeling.

   7.2 Special things of this product: 

Who doesn’t like gifts, right? Usnork makes sure that your snorkeling set is complete as you get 4 girls when you order this product. Waterproof phone case, camera mount slot for GoPro are included in the gifts along with a diving mask and a quick-absorbing towel.

Special thing about this product is that it has an anti-leak design and water never gets inside the mask. Moreover, no extra effort is required to breathe underwater and you can breathe as easily as breathing outside the water. With this full face mask, you could enjoy a fascinating panoramic view of a beautiful underwater world.

Usnork Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids and Adults

 7.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • 4 special gifts from Usnork to complete your snorkeling set
  • Makes breathing underwater much less exhausting.
  • No irritating on the skin as a result of wearing the mask since that part is made of silicon.
  • An adjustment piece is included to mount an action camera
  • Durable feel and quality material

Things we dislike: 

  • At times, it starts leaking after continuous and long use.
  • Starts to fog when tilting your face backwards.

   7.4 Who should get it? 

Overall it is a good choice for snorkeling but considering a few factors like leaks and fogging when tilting and looking backwards, this might not be the best full face snorkel mask for the kids and newbies. People who have good experience snorkeling might not face as much difficulties as those who are new.

  8. Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask

   8.1 Short review: 

If you are willing to go an extra step for added safety while snorkeling, this might be a good option for you. It comes with a shatterproof polycarbonate window for added safety. It makes breathing through the nose and mouth easier than the traditional snorkel masks. An interesting aspect about this snorkeling full face mask is that the snorkeler can be seen from 4 times further away than a traditional snorkel.

Also, there is nothing to worry about getting wet because it is a “dry top” water system that limits the water entry from the top. Another thing worth noticing is that the Purge valve is located at the bottom of the mask to drain water when you raise your hand. It is large in size and hence offers an unobstructed view of the underwater world that you can capture with your GoPro.

   8.2 Special things of this product: 

This full face snorkel mask is equipped with a mechanism that plugs the top of the snorkel when immersed in water, and there is no water leak. The special thing about this mask is it can be seen from 4 times further away than traditional snorkel. If you hate the intrusive, uncomfortable and unhygienic experience of a tube in your mouth. Then this is the full face mask to go for. Moreover, the top of the mask if highly visible and it avoids any possible collisions on the surface.

 8.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Broader and larger view of the underwater world
  • Ability to be seen 4 times more easily as the traditional snorkeler.
  • Ability to breathe just as easily as on land
  • Prevents fogging up with the help of a double air-flow system that is identical to the system used in domestic extraction fans.
  • Durable material for long-lasting use.

Things we dislike: 

  • A major concern is that the airflow is limited as compared to breathing naturally or as compared to a regular snorkeling tube.
  • The mask needs to be fitted tight on your face which can be uncomfortable, as it presses hard on your cheeks and jaw

   8.4 Who should get it? 

This full face snorkel mask if for anyone who wants to go enjoy snorkeling whether they are experienced or are relatively new. Itt may not be the most comfortable full face snorkel mask. It does provide enough safety when you are underwater.

III. How to choose the best Full Face Snorkel Mask?

Choosing the best full face snorkel mask takes a lot of research and there are many factors that you should consider while choosing one. We discuss a few of these metrics that should be taken into account when choosing the best full face snorkel mask.

  1. Durability

Probably the most important factor while choosing a full face snorkel mask is durability because you wouldn’t want to spend money on a snorkel mask again and again. Check the material that it is made of and see if it’s right to last longer.

  2. Budget

Full face snorkel masks come in different prices and you should see your price range to know which one you can afford. Since there is perfect competition among the manufacturers of these masks, you can get mask with pretty good features at reasonable price.

  3. Material

Material isn't only helps the mask last longer but is also important for your skin to be protected from rashes and allergies. Choose the one with anti-allergic silicone material because it protects your skin. It also go for the option which is equipped with shatterproof polycarbonate window as another layer of safety.

  4. Fit

Full face snorkel masks come in various sizes and fits and it would be a good idea to take a look at the size chart of the manufacturer that is selling one. Do not go for too loose as the water might start sinking in and too tight will ruin your underwater experience. There are masks available that have silicon at the place that fits on the face, for a comfortable experience.

  5. Lens

Almost all the manufacturers offer a good 1800 view of the underwater world and it is up to you whether you prefer a flat wide view lens or anti-fog lens or both in one mask. Raising your budget just a little bit could get you a mask with a really good lens for an amazing underwater experience.

  6. Frame

Frameless designs are good because they offer a wider field of vision as they are closer to your eyes. This is not the face in the framed ones which offer other benefits such as higher protection and safety.

  7. Purge Valve

The purge valve on the mask can drain water when the head is raised, hence offering more support against water leaks. Check the purge valve of the snorkel mask that you are going to buy and see if it is strong enough to hold the water all the time.

  8. Anti-fog

This is the most important aspect of any full face snorkel mask i.e. to give you a crystal clear view and not fog up as you breathe. Look for the one that has double air-flow channels; inhaling and exhaling have their separate chambers which makes sure that it will not get all fogged up when you are under water.

Considering these factors and evaluating the value to money in your mind would help you a lot in choosing the right full face snorkel mask for yourself.

IV. Conclusion

Considering all these factors and doing comparisons of many different full face snorkel masks, our winner for today is WSTOO Panoramic 180° Wide View Snorkel Mask. By carefully reviewing its specifications and comparing it with the others, it comes on top because it has a sturdy body that is sure to last long, it uses high quality anti-allergic silicone material, certified by CE, to keep the skin safe.

Many people experience rashes and skin allergies after snorkeling but WSTOO Panoramic snorkel mask makes sure to protect your skin. Moreover, it has shatterproof polycarbonate window, increasing safety. Other masks lack this feature and users often complain about them masks breaking too easily.

This, on the other hand not only provides for easier breathing, a spectacular 1800 view, double air flow channels for anti-fogging is a complete package for all the snorkelers. Moreover, it has a folded-snorkel reinforcing design that completely rules out the falling off problem of snorkel, which is the case in many of the other full face snorkel masks.

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