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Bags By Tusa

Tusa Bags
Tusa Backpack Roller Bag BP5
The BP-5 backpack is a travel bag ideal for transporting a full set of equipment in a carry-on size.
Tusa Imprex Duffel Bag MB-2S
Tusa Imprex Mesh Duffel Dive Bag
Tusa Imprex Snorkel Bag SB-31
TUSA Imprex SB-31 Dive Bag Features 28 x 17 x 2, Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Mesh Side and Extra Mesh Side Pocket.
Tusa Mesh Back Pack MBP-1
The SCA-230T dive gage is a water depth gauge plus residual pressure gauge for use together with a wrist-type compass.
Tusa Mesh Shoulder Bag
This Gear bag holds and protects your Snorkel, Mask and Fins.
Tusa Roller Backpack Bag BP-2
Versitile Roller Backpack BP-2 Bag with wheels so you can roll it on surfaces or unzip the protective cover that neatly tucks out of the way and you have a back pack.
Tusa Roller Bag RB8
The Tusa RB-8 roller bag is a large travel bag ideal for transporting a full equipment set plus spare room for those long dive holidays or a day-trip to your favorite dive spot.
Tusa Roller Duffel Bag RD-2
The Roller Duffel Bag RD-2 is a large rolling duffle bag complete with retractable handle to allow easy carrying of heavy equipment
Tusa Shoulder Hip Bag
Attachable to BP 2 and can be used as a pouch or as a shoulder bag. A thick urethane cushion is provided so that items such as digital cameras may be carried in the bag.

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