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Bags By Scuba Max

Scuba Max Bags
Scuba Max GatorPac Dive Duffel Bag
The GatorPac Dive Duffel Bag is a perfect way to transport and protect your complete scuba system.
Scuba Max GatorPac Lead Weight Carry Bag
Save your gear bag and your back with this heavy duty lead weight carry bag. Specifically designed to carry loose lead weights commonly used with weight integrated style buoyancy compensators.
Scuba Max GatorPac Regulator Bag
The GatorPac Regulator Bag is a perfect way to transport and protect your scuba gear.The fully padded main compartment is large enough to hold a complete regulator system with instrumentation.
Scuba Max GatorPac Snorkeling Gear Backpack
Practical, convenient and affordable our GatorPac Snorkeling Gear Backpack is the perfect bag for your snorkeling adventure. Specifically designed to hold mask, fins and snorkel.
Scuba Max Max Ultimate Scuba Gear Roller Backpack
It's big, it's bad and it's ready for a beating... Our Max Ultimate Scuba Gear Roller Backpack Bag will hold two average scuba systems or one complete gear-hog's set.
Scuba Max Mesh Backpack Diveflag
Extremely versatile 14 X 27 inch mesh bag with front pocket to hold all your gear.
Scuba Max Mesh Collection/Misc Bag 16" X 22" Blue
Joe Diver's mesh goody bag will hold small items from sunscreen to defog and is perfect to take underwater or to the beach for artifact collection.
Scuba Max Regulator Bag Heavy Duty Padded Cover Dive Bag
This bag easily fits into your main gear bag for travel between dive sites.
Scuba Max Scuba Dive Bag, Mesh Collection/Misc 18x30 Black
Made of heavy duty interlocking nylon mesh the bag has a top opening drawstring with a ABS plastic closure.

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