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Gauges By Tusa

Tusa Gauges
Tusa Compact Pressure, Depth w/Compass
TUSA Compact Pressure, Depth w/Compass Gauge Super-compact console with submersible pressure gauge, depth gauge, compass.
Tusa DC Hunter Combo (SCA-343) with IQ-700 Computer
The new SCA-343 3 Gauge Combo with IQ-700 Computer and Compass Console is the latest in the TUSA line-up. The IQ-700 computer is "cutting edge" technology.
Tusa Element Compass Module
For the Element 2 gauge console
Tusa Element Ii 2 Gauge
2 color compact low-profile boot ,4000 psi / 250 bar pressure gauge with lumi-Nova dial,Advanced 3 button puck-style module in wrist boot,Air, nitrox, Gauge, Free Dive Operating Modes,2 Mix ...
Tusa Element Ii 3 Gauge
The SCA-352 three gauge Element II console features the IQ-750 Element II dive computer, a 4000 psi pressure gauge and the SCA-140 compass module in a compact low-profile two color boot.
Tusa Imprex Pressure Gauge SCA-110
Tusa Imprex Pressure Gauge SCA-110 precision bourdon tube pressure gauge for reliable accurate reading at any tank pressure.
Tusa Platina 2 Gauge Console SCA-230
The Platina 2 Gauge Console from Tusa is a quality addition to any scuba system. This compact 2 gauge analog console includes a 220 ft. depth gauge and 4000 PSI pressure gauge.
Tusa Platina 3 Gauge SCA-330
Tusas Platina 3 Gauge SCA-330 provides a high quality and compact gauge console by integrating a pressure, depth and rear side view compass. Innovative new luminous coating,precision depth gauges
Tusa Tusa Platina 3 Gauge Console Free Shipping
Compact 3 gauge analog console includes a depth gauge, high-pressure gauge and a back-mounted compass. Luminescent dial is easy to read in dark or low visibility conditions.

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