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Fins By Dacor

Dacor Fins
Dacor DXD Fins
The new OPB, Optimized Pivoting Blade is a patented system works in a lightweight and high-performance full-foot fin. Blade with OPB system to optimize the lift angle during the fining action.
Dacor Fin Strap
1 strap and both locking buckle ends.
Dacor Lynx Swim Fin
Dacor Swim or Scuba Lynx Blue Regular Fins Check out our Exclusive Dacor Limited Edition offering of this great valued fin!
Dacor Panther Fins
Dacors Panther Blue Fin with the O.P.B. system ensures optimal thrust throughout every phase of the fining strokes, thereby minimizing fatigue and affording much more fluid movements.
Dacor Snorkeling Fins
This fin is a huge seller because of its versatility and unique design.The fin blade is made of a light weight plastic material and is easy on the leg muscles.
Dacor Tiger Fins
This new yellow anatomical foot-pocket fin provides even more comfort, makes donning easier, increases sole rigidity, and enhances the effort of the finning stroke. New hi-tech technopolymers.

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