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Fins By Aeris

Aeris Fins
Aeris Aeris Mako Open Heel Fin Free Shipping
The Mako Fin is a precision blend of ergonomics, hydrodynamics and materials technology created for ultimate comfort, efficiency and performance.
Aeris Aeris Velocity Duo Fins Free Shipping
The Velocity duo is designed to provide greater thrust while reducing muscle fatigue.
Aeris Mako Fins
This great new Mako fin by Aeris is one incredible fin. The Mako blade's flexible center area creates a massive water channel by utilizing the entire surface area of the blade and foot pocket.
Aeris Velocity Duo
The Velocity duos high performance is achieved by combining patented Natures Wing technology with state-of-the-art materials.
Aeris Velocity Full Foot Fins
Aeris Velocity Full-Foot Fins constantly receive some of the highest ratings, from our divers & from the scuba diving magazines as they test these fins against the competition.
Aeris Velocity Open Heel Fins
Following extensive research and product development, we are proud to introduce the Velocity fin, designed with unique Power Enhancing Vents (PEVís). The PEVís enhance the power.
Aeris Velocity Open Heel Swim Fins
Velocity Open Heel Swim Fins - Scuba Dive Or Snorkeling Fins
Aeris Velocity X3 Open Heel Fin
Aeris Velocity X3 Open Heel Fin High performance split fin technology The Velocity duo's high performance is achieved by combining patented Nature's Wing technology with stateoftheart ...
Aeris Velocity XP Split Fin
The absolute latest materials and design technology. Speed, comfort, and maneuverability; you can have it all with the Velocity XP.

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