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Buoyancy Compensators By Zeagle

Zeagle Buoyancy Compensators
Zeagle 911 BC
The Zeagle 911 was developed with the features most requested by Public Safety Divers. Based on the Tech platform, the 911 adds zippered storage pockets over the 40-LB ripcord pockets.
Zeagle All Purpose Mount
A panel with a row of grommets for attaching lift bags or other gear. Fits securely under the bladder wing (can mount on either side).Will also mount to Zeagle Back plates.
Zeagle Backplate Systems- Deluxe Harness
Select a Bladder and Weight System for a Custom BC. Many divers have come to appreciate the ruggedness, simplicity, and stability of metal backplates in a buoyancy system.
Zeagle Big Bertha
The Zeagle Octo+ to Generic Inflator allows regulators with High-flow Octo+ hose fittings to attach to generic inflators.
Zeagle Clip Pocket
The Zeagle Clip Pocket has a Clip Closure. Constructed of Cordura Nylon and Mounts on Zeagle BC waist panel. Mounts on any Zeagle BC.
Zeagle Escape
The Zeagle Escape is a full featured but light weight BC with an elastic cummerbund assembly, a pull out weight system, and rear mount weight pockets.
Zeagle Heavy Duty Pony Mount
The Zeagle Pony Mount has Twin Straps with Heavy-Duty Buckles. Mounts Pony or battery pack on any Zeagle BC.
Zeagle Lazer Womens Bcd
The Lazer features a vest that is scooped in the lower rear to accomodate shorter torsos and wider hips. It is a rugged full featured but light weight BC.
Zeagle Little Bertha
The Zeagle Little Bertha has two 55-LB Lift Bladders inside one cover.
Zeagle Lumbar Pad
The Zeagle Lumbar Pad adds comfort and stability. Fits any Zeagle BC.
Zeagle Manta Wing Bladder
The Zeagle Manta Wing Bladder has a 55-LB Lift.
Zeagle Mesh Pouch 12Lb Capacity
These pouches make loading and unloading your weights much easier and can accept most any kind of soft or hard weight.
Zeagle Mesh Pouch 18Lb Capacity
These pouches make loading and unloading your weights much easier and can accept most any kind of soft or hard weight.
Zeagle Mesh Weight Pouches 10lb. Pull outs
The Zeagle Mesh Weight Pouches are available in 10-LB Capacity and 12-LB Capacity.
Zeagle Mounting Plates
Zeagle Mounting PlatesAttaches Twin Cylinders to twin capable Zeagle BCs providing stability.
Zeagle Ranger BCD
For the Diver who wants a rugged recreational system that can grow and change to meet different diving needs, the Zeagle Ranger BC embodies an ideal mix of features.
Zeagle Ranger LTD BC
The Ranger was the first BC to combine high quality heavy duty construction, weight integration, and rear flotation. It is introduction created a new category of buoyancy systems.
Zeagle Rapid Diver Envoy System
RAPID DIVER is a lightweight, all-inclusive scuba system that mates a tank, regulator and buoyancy module to a uniform-fit, load-bearing harness.
Zeagle Rapid Diver With Inflator Qd
First-Response and Military customers asked Zeagle to produce a complete Diving System that provided all of the necessary elements for breathing and buoyancy control, in a compact, quick and ...
Zeagle Scout BC
The Scout BC is lightweight and low cost and represents an exceptional value in a lightweight system. It has a low profile single bladder with an elastic retractor.
Zeagle Shoulder Pads
The Zeagle Back Plate Shoulder Pads.

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