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Buoyancy Compensators By Dacor

Dacor Buoyancy Compensators
Dacor Elite BC for Women
The Elite Buoyancy Compensator by Dacor is designed exclusively for women divers. Dacor has a long standing reputation for quality scuba gear and their Elite BC for women is no exception.
Dacor Falcon BC
As the name implies, the Falcon BC from Dacor offers freedom and comfort in this, air all behind you design.
Dacor Hemisphere Bcd
A BC that offers an excellent quality price ratio. The integrated quick lock weight system and Trim Weight for rear weights guarantee optimum buoyancy in all conditions.
Dacor Nautica WD XXL BC for the BIG GUY
We have had so many requests that we commissioned DACOR to build us a larger version of their top selling BC. This BC will fit a guy up to 320 lbs, and its weight integrated.
Dacor RAV BC
The Rav BC from Dacor is a full featured jacket style buoyancy compensator at a value price.
Dacor Talon Air Trim BC
This version of the Talon jacket, with AirTrim pneumatic inflator (patented), is unique and constitutes a development of the traditional inflator vests.

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