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Womens Wetsuits By Henderson

Henderson Womens Wetsuits
Henderson 2MM Womens Neosport Shorty
These 2mm shortys are the perfect suit for the diver on a budget. Coming from the folks at Henderson, they feature an adjustable neck and back zip for easy entry and exit.
Henderson 2mm Womens Premium Front Zip Neoprene Shorty
Compare the fashion, fit and function of our suit to any other brand.
Henderson 3/2mm Womens Neosport Full Jumpsuit
These suits have an adjustable velcro collar and molded knee pads. A back zip full neoprene jumpsuit from the guys at Henderson at a fraction of the price of normal suits.
Henderson 3mm Womens Hyperstretch Aqua Suede Full Jumpsuit
Aqua Suede Full Jumpsuit, the ultimate wetsuit for the diver who is doing multiple dives in one day.
Henderson 3mm Henderson Hyperstretch Core Warmer Wetsuit
The Henderson 3mm Hyperstretch Core Warmer wetsuit is a very versatile wetsuit that can be worn by itself, or over other any wetsuit to improve heat retention by preventing water entry thru ...
Henderson 3mm Wmns Hyperstretch Jumpsuit
Henderson 3mm Ladies Hyperstrech Jumpsuit - Tired of struggling into a wetsuit? Do you dread the struggles with a neoprene wetsuit that always seems to shrink over the winter? Then you'll ...
Henderson 3mm Womens Hyperstretch Aqua Suede Shorty
Aqua Suede is the latest and greatest innovation from Henderson to make your snorkeling adventure the most comfortable experience ever!
Henderson 3mm Womens Gold Core Core Warmer
THe GOLD CORE core warmer is designed to be worn over any jumpsuit and will help prevent water flow through the rear zipper as well as provide additional thermal protection to the core body area.
Henderson 3mm Womens Gold Core Full Jumpsuit
Henderson‘s Gold Core Full Jumpsuit for extra warmth, dries almost instantly on the inside, easy to put on and take off, “Tester’s Choice” from Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine.
Henderson 3mm Womens Gold Core Shorty
Hendersons Gold Core Shorty is one of the warmest suits per thickness (and that‘s a full 3 mm thickness) that we‘ve tested. Gold Core® Technology is an old idea made better.
Henderson 3mm Womens Gold Core Step-In Combo
Henderson‘s Gold Core Step-in Combo is one of the warmest suits per thickness that we have tested. Gold Core Technology is an old idea made better.
Henderson 3mm Womens Hyperstretch Shorty
Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch 3mm Shorty with heavy duty back zipper design. This revolutionary new 4-way stretch neoprene can stretch up to 250% of its original size.
Henderson 3mm Womens Hyperstretch Bolero Jane
This suit is the ultimate for flexibility, movement and comfort. Bolero jacket also available in 3 mm. Jane available in three thicknesses.
Henderson 3MM Womens Hyperstretch Core Warmer
Made from Hyperstretch this suit may be worn by itself, or over any wetsuit to improve warmth by preventing water entry thru zipper openings.
Henderson 3mm Womens Hyperstretch FullCore Combo Jumpsuit
We call this 2 piece suit technology FULL CORE protection. Available in 3 thicknesses for all water temperatures this suit is the ultimate for flexibility, movement and comfort.
Henderson 3mm Womens Hyperstretch Step In Combo
Put on the New Henderson Hyperstretch step-in wetsuit and it will make you feel like you just slipped into your most comfortable sweat shirt and pants.
Henderson 3MM Womens Instadry Full Wetsuit
INSTA DRY This is Henderson's most highly advanced, Patent pending material. Insta Dry is designed for the diver who demands the best. Insta Dry is unmatched in comfort, style and performance.
Henderson 3mm Womens Neoprene Backzip Jumpsuit
This womens Neoprene Cold Water Jumpsuit come in 3 different thickness, front and back zip, a rainbow of color options available.
Henderson 3mm Womens Titanium Hyperstretch Jumpsuit
Get a Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch 3MM Jumpsuit today. It will be your best dive purchase of the season.
Henderson 5MM Titanium Hyperstretch Women's Jumpsuit
This revolutionary new 4 way stretch neoprene can stretch up to 250 of its original size. This provides huge advantages over wetsuits made from standard neoprene.
Henderson 5mm Womens Gold Core Jumpsuit
The GOLD CORE JUMPSUIT is a popular selling Gold suit style, the Gold Jumpsuit is available in three thickness.

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