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Scuba Masks By Tusa

Tusa Scuba Masks
Tusa Concero Mask M 17
The M-17s 1-window design offers exceptional visibility, low-volume and enhanced comfort while incorporating our patented 3-D Strap and Round Edge skirt technologies.
Tusa Corrective Optical Lens M 23 Viewtrek Plus
Available in diopters from -1.5 through -8.0 in 0.
Tusa Corrective Optical Lens Mc 7500 Geminus
This is a negative diopter lens, will fit the M-23 ViewTrek and M-26 ViewTrek Plus masks, to correct for near-sightedness.
Tusa Corrective Optical Lens TMCL-5700 L/R
Available in diopters from 1.5 through 8.0 in 0.
Tusa Geminus M 28 Mask
The M-28s unique 2-window design offers exceptional visibility and low-volume comfort while incorporating our patented 3-D Strap and Round Edge skirt technologies.
Tusa Imprex 3D Hyperdry Mask M 32
The M-32 Imprex 3D Hyperdry mask is a re-design of TUSA's very popular TM-8000Q Imprex Hyperdry, but with several key improvements.
Tusa Imprex Hyperdry Mask
Tusa Hyperdry Masks dry purge design allows effortless clearing,maxi-vision field-of-view lens,flexible external nose equalization area,one-way purge valve for easy clearing,patented hyperdry system.
Tusa Lib Plus Mask Buckle
Replacement buckle for Tusa Liberator Plus Mask.
Tusa Liberator Hyperdry Mask
The TM-5800Q is a stylish two-window mask featuring the Hyperdry system for easier mask clearance.
Tusa Liberator Mask
The TUSA TM 5000 Liberator made from hiqh quality silicone the skirt assures a precise, comfortable fit. TM 5000Q also has available corrective lenses.
Tusa Liberator Plus Mask
Tusas Liberator Plus Mask features a dual lens for easy installation of corrective lenses,quick-adjust springless strap buckle,low volume for a snug fit & double feather edged crystal skirts
Tusa Liberator Plus Mask Strap
Replacement strap for Tusa Liberator Plus Mask.
Tusa M 10,TM 2000 Mask Buckle
Replacement buckle for Tusa m-10 Visio Mask.
Tusa M 14 Visualator Mask
See all you’ve been missing with the Visualator Mask from TUSA. In comparison to traditional masks, its unique design increases the underwater field of vision by 250% (based on a distance of 1 meter).
Tusa M 20,30,40,MASK Buckle
Replacement Buckle for Tusa Platina Mask, M-30 Panogeo Mask, Splendive 4
Tusa M 21,30,40,MASK Strap
Replacement Strap for Tusa M-30 Panogeo Mask, Splendive 4, Platina ...
Tusa M-10 Mask Strap
Replacement strap for Tusa M-10 Visio Mask
Tusa M-10 Strap Retainer Black
Strap retainer for Tusa M-10 Visio Mask
Tusa M-20 Strap Retainer Black
Strap Retainer for Tusa Platina Mask
Tusa M-21 Purge Valve
Purge valve for Tusa Platina Hyperdry Mask.
Tusa M-21 TM-7500 Mask Strap
Replacement mask strap for Tusa Platina Hyperdry or Tusa Splendive 2.

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