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Scuba Masks By Dacor

Dacor Scuba Masks
Dacor Bandit Dive Mask
The Dacor Bandit is extremely low volume and gives you the comfort of swimming goggles, but with your nose contained for equalizing and clearing.
Dacor Dive Mask Narrow
Dive Mask for Narrow or Small faces by Dacor. High quality mask for a narrow adult face. A superior quality mask for a small face.
Dacor Mondial Dive Mask
Dacor Mondial Mask A reduced-volume two-lens mask with a soft hypoallergenic silicone skirt and double border seal for maximum comfort.
Dacor Mystere Mask
This one-lens mask has an innovative and elegant design. Style comes from industrial design, which blends style, simplicity and practicality. The result is a reliable product.
Dacor Phaz Mask
Panoramic mask, designed by using a new assembly system of the side lenses, making it possible to obtain an extremely wide unobstructed field of vision.
Dacor Razor Integrated Inner Metal Frame Mask
4-lens mask, new metal blade closure system, patented. An anodized aluminum blade inside the mask acts as a slider catch and is the closure between skirt and lenses.
Dacor Scuba Mask Wide
Scuba Mask by Dacor, Triview Purge Extra-wide, three len design fits average to wide faces.
Dacor Stryker DL Purge Mask
Frameless design featuring the latest in dive mask technology, these masks are virtually unbreakable and weigh 20 percent less than traditional plastic frame masks.
Dacor Triview Purge Crystal Silicone Dive Mask
Here‘s an outstanding mask with excellent peripheral vision and a purge too! Fantastic for contact lens wearers because water doesn‘t "bubble up" while clearing.

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