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Scuba Masks By Cressi Sub

Cressi Sub Scuba Masks
Cressi Sub Big Eyes Evo Mask
This revolutionary mask is made from High Seal, a new material that offers extraordinary and unprecedented comfort.
Cressi Sub Big Eyes Mask
The Big Eyes has truly revolutionized mask design. Copied but never duplicated, the unique patented design angles the mask lenses which dramatically increases the divers field of vision.
Cressi Sub Big Eyes Optical Lenses
The Big Eyes optical lenses are available, ranging from - 1.0 throgh -5.0.
Cressi Sub Big Eyes Optical Lenses
The Big Eyes optical lenses are available, ranging from - 1.0 throgh -5.0.
Cressi Sub Focus Mask
This mask is a great design for any face. It has a large viewing area and reliable performance.
Cressi Sub Horizon Mask
Utilizing the patented technology of the popular Big Eyes, the Horizon features an angled lens design with four lenses. The underwater field of vision is dramatically increased due to the lens angles
Cressi Sub Lince Dive Mask
High performance design, and great viewing area. Great for all divers!
Cressi Sub Matrix Mask
This matrix technology has a new shape. Patented lens angle give you a 30 percent wider view below, and that makes it the widest field of vision available today.
Cressi Sub Minima Scuba Mask
Excellent all-round vision. Thicker, special tempered glass lenses. Easy nose seal for compensation. Perfect fit for most faces.
Cressi Sub Occhio Plus Mask
The extremely small inner volume, the minimum lens-eye distance and the special patented rakes lenses all convert into the best field of vision in the entire range of Cressi masks.
Cressi Sub Ocean Eyes Mask
Another first for Cressi in the field of masks.
Cressi Sub Penta Mask
The Penta is Cressis newest addition to the Big Eyes family of masks. It features Cressi patented lens angle design into a lightweight four lens mask.
Cressi Sub Piuma Mask
New, single lens mask complete with special Cressi patented raked lens that increases the field of vision to values never before achieved in a single-lens mask.
Cressi Sub Sirena Mask
This is a high quality budget mask offering a silicone skirt and tempered glass. Ideal for many types of water sports.
Cressi Sub Superocchio Dark Mask
The Superocchio is an exelent all round diving mask. It has a very low volume area bringing the windows close to ones eyes increasing field of vision and making equalising substantialy easier.

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