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Dive Lights By Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec Dive Lights
Princeton Tec 40 Dive Light
This compact, halogen dive light provides the highest power-to-weight ratio of any light in its class. When weight and size really matter the Tec-40 by Princeton Tec truly shines.
Princeton Tec 400
Diving‘s most popular light. An ideal multipurpose light for both experienced and novice divers. Powerful narrow beam is suitable for both night and day exploration.
Princeton Tec Aqua Flare & Quest Bulb
Princeton Tec Aqua Flare Cone Yellow
Princeton Tec Aqua Flash Bulb
Princeton Tec Aqua Flash Bulb AQUA FLASH ...
Princeton Tec Aqua Strobe Dive Light
This outdoor and marine survival light is designed to be a real lifesaver. The Aqua Strobe by Princeton Tec operates on a single AA battery and floats head up in water.
Princeton Tec Attitude LED Dive Light
The smooth intense white light of the Attitude LED Dive Light by Princeton Tec is achieved by the unique triangular configuration of three high output white L.E.D.s.
Princeton Tec Blast
One of the hottest little secondaries out there. This waterproof key-chain sized light packs a punch. At only 3.2 oz, it is useful both under the water and above.
Princeton Tec Blast Replacement Bulb Assembly
Spare or replacement bulb for our Princeton Tec Blast Dive Light. Factory original part.
Princeton Tec Dive Light Attitude 4 AAA Waterproof Flashlight
The compact size and it's screaming output let the ATTITUDE take a firm stance against standard flashlights that are significantly larger and heavier, putting it in a class of its own.
Princeton Tec Dive Light Dual Filament Shockwave Ii 8 C Cell
A radical 8 C-cell design eliminates nearly half the size and weight of standard primary dive lights while delivering up to 15 watts of power.
Princeton Tec Dive Light Headlamp Hands Free Halogen Dive Light
Brand New Princeton Tec Headlamp Underwater Flashlight is waterproof when used correctly (!) but it has so much utility you may use it more on land!
Princeton Tec Dive Light Impact 4 AA Waterproof Flashlight
Princeton Tec IMPACT light has a single state of the art white L.E.D. with 10,000 hour burn life!
Princeton Tec IMPACT
10,000 hour burn life! This is a highly rated flashlight for outdoor use. Rugged and durable construction from a leader in outdoor and scuba products.
Princeton Tec Impact Ii Led Dive Light
Features a proprietary optical lens system that shoots a focused beam of L.E.D. light where you need it. Ergonomically designed, compact and lightweight with built in belt clip.
Princeton Tec Impact Xl Dive Light
Princeton Tec Impact XL Dive Light - Undoubtedly, the new Impact XL is the finest 4 AA cell L.E.D. light to ever grace the market.
Princeton Tec Impact XL Light
Undoubtedly, the new IMPACT XL is the finest 4 AA cell L.E.D. light to ever grace the market.
Princeton Tec Led Bulb For Seastar
Princeton Tec Mini-Wave II
Princeton Tec Mini-Wave II 4 C-Cell Primary Dive Light Features 4-5 Hours of Battery Life, Dual Selection Switch, 3.0 watt/5.8 watt and Convenient Pistol Grip.
Princeton Tec Miniwave II Replacement Bulb
Spare or replacement bulb for our Princeton Tec Miniwave II Dive Light. Factory original part.
Princeton Tec Miniwave Led
Brand new product from Princeton Tec! Has a triple 3 watt max bright LED.

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    4.Princeton Tec LED Pack
    5.Princeton Tec Aqua Strobe Dive Light
    6.Princeton Tec Impact XL Light
    7.Princeton Tec Ultimate Dive Set 3 Pc
    8.Princeton Tec Surge Replacement Bulb
    9.Princeton Tec Coil Lanyard
    10.Princeton Tec Travel Pack Dive Light Set

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