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Underwater Cameras By Sea & Sea

Sea & Sea Underwater Cameras
Sea & Sea 0.6x Wide Angle Lens for DX5000G and DX8000G
The 0.6x lens will allow you to take incredible wide angle photos of the underwater world.
Sea & Sea 20MM lens for MX-10
20MM lens for MX-10 camera by Sea & Sea.
Sea & Sea Cable for YS-90
The Cable for YS-90 are fiber optic cables to connect DX-series strobes to digital camera housings.
Sea & Sea Close-up Lens MX10
The underwater Close-Up Lens allows you to move in to 19 inches or 48cm from your subject.
Sea & Sea Desiccant Pack
This Sea & Sea Desiccant Pack (silica gel) will keep your digital camera dry in humid conditions (and isn't it kinda humid in every dive location you travel to?).
Sea & Sea DX3000 O Ring Kit
Replacement O-Rings for the DX 3000 Digital Camera.
Sea & Sea DX-750G Camera
Sea & Sea DX-750 Camera - The DX750G digital camera uses a very fine 1/2.5-inch primary-color CCD with effective image quality of 5.19 megapixels (recordable up to 7.08 megapixels).
Sea & Sea DX750G Digital Underwater Camera
Want a great little point and shoot camera that delivers crisp high quality images!
Sea & Sea DX-750G Wide Angle Conversion Lens
The wide-angle conversion lens for the Sea and Sea DX-750G housing delivers wide-angle image coverage equivalent to a 24mm lens.
Sea & Sea DX-8000G Camera & Housing
The DX-8000G is an even more spectacular camera with unbelieveable improvements on it‘s little brother, the DX-5000G!
Sea & Sea DX8000G Digital Camera 8.2 Mp With 3X Zoom
The 8000G captures images using 8.24 million effective pixels that clearly record the details in every frame.
Sea & Sea DX860G Sport Underwater Digital Camera Package
Sea & Sea DX860G Underwater Digital Camera Sport Package is pefect for the beginner with 6.2 megapixel effective resolution, easy point-and-shoot simplicity and lots of fantastic features.
Sea & Sea DX860G Underwater Digital Camera Set
Main Features of the 860G Camera: An ultra-fine 1/2.5-inch CCD with an effective pixel count of 6.2 megapixels (maximum recordable pixel count of 8 megapixels) provides high-resolution image capture.
Sea & Sea Fiber Optic Cable Kit
Fiber Optic cable system for Sea & Sea YS Slave Sub-strobes. Compatible with all Sea & Sea auto camera systems as well most other brands.
Sea & Sea Fiber Optic Sync Cord for YS-25DX Strobe
Sea and Sea provides a unique fiber optic cord for flood free connection to the YS-25DX Strobe and the DX-3000G.
Sea & Sea Flexible Light Arm 4-Piece Kit
Flexible Light Arm 4-Piece Kit. 4-section extension. Mounting tool optional.
Sea & Sea Lens Caddy For Sea & Sea DX-8000G/DX-5000G Wide-Angle Lens
The Lens Caddy attaches to a Sea and Sea brand Sea Arm Light or a Sea Arm VI. It holds a Sea and Sea DX-8000G/5000G Wide-Angle Conversion Lens.
Sea & Sea MMII EX 20MM Filter
Color correction filter for MMII/EX minimizes the blue hues inherent in underwater photographs and restores natural colors.
Sea & Sea MX 10 Lens Caddy
Safely carries a single auxiliary lens. Attaches securely to the strobe head with two heavy-duty elasticized bands.
Sea & Sea MX-10 Camera / YS-40 Strobe Underwater Camera
Great underwater photography made easy and no experience is necessary!
Sea & Sea MX-10 Fiber Optic Cable System
The MX-10 Fiber Optic Cable System permits an infinite variety of professional-type lighting techniques.

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    6.Sea & Sea DX-750G Camera
    7.Sea & Sea YS-90Auto Strobe Light
    8.Sea & Sea YS-25 Auto Lighting Package
    9.Sea & Sea DX750G Digital Underwater Camera
    10.Sea & Sea DX860G Sport Underwater Digital Camera Package

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