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Wetsuits By XS

XS Wetsuits
XS 2mm Beanie
XS Scuba 2mm Beanie - Conserve body heat without giving up freedom! Use this 2mm titanium coated neoprene Beanie.
XS 2mm Neoprene Socks
XS Scuba 2mm Neoprene Socks - Eliminate chafing and add some foot protection from your closed heeled fins, plus add warmth and padding to your feet.
XS 3mm Low Cut Boots
3mm Low cut slip on Bootie - A good bootie at a great price.
XS 5mm Zippered Boots
XS Scuba 5mm Zippered Boots - Here's a Great boot at a great value!5mm Titanium coated neoprene, Glued and blindstitch construction for a watertight seal.
XS 6mm Hood
XS Scuba 6mm Neoprene Hood - This 6mm Titanium coated neoprene hood, with a 3mm "skin-in" neoprene face seal offers Glued and blindstitch construction and a SuperStretch neck for comfort.
XS Ladies Warm Water Metro Gloves
XS Scuba Metro Glove - The Perfect tropical diving glove! Maximum freedom and dexterity but with a Protective textured palm, and a Wide, adjustable VelcroĞ wrist closure to keep it secure.

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