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Underwater Hunting By Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Underwater Hunting
Miscellaneous 10 Ft Auto Coil - Lobster Gear
Use to replace standard shock coil. and to reduce tanglement. comes in 3 sizes.
Miscellaneous Double Barb Plated Tip - 6mm
Double Barb Plated Tip - 6mm has retaining collar to hold barbs in down position.
Miscellaneous Dual Suction Speargun Holder
This high end suction mount allows you to position a speargun holder anywhere on your boat without having to drill in.
Miscellaneous Economy Lobster Snare W/ Plastic Gauge
Economy Lobster Snare w/ Plastic ...
Miscellaneous Lobster Assassin Kit Deluxe
Lobster Collection Kit
Miscellaneous Oceanus Super Snare
Also known as the "Green One", the "Lobster Looper" and the "Bugger", the Oceanus Super Snare is the ultimate in lobster gear.
Miscellaneous Reel for Cressi-sub Comanche Rubber Powered Speargun
This is the reel shown on the comanche 90 rubber sling gun This Special reel comes with a very sensitive clutch mechanism and practical bayonet clasp.
Miscellaneous Replacement Shaft Loader for Cressi Guns
Replacement Shaft Loader for Cressi Guns.
Miscellaneous Single Barb Spear Point 6mm
The single barb spearpoint is an economical multi-purpose for use on medium to small fish. The point is non-rotating and is plated.

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