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Snorkeling Gear By Tusa

Tusa Snorkeling Gear
Tusa Black Silicone Hyperdry Snorkel - SP-130
Ergonomically engineered for comfort, ease of use and optimal in-water performance, the TUSA Platina Black Silicone Hyperdry Snorkel has so many innovative features, itís worth mentioning them all.
Tusa Hyperdry Ii Snorkel SP170
The Hyperdry system helps to keep the snorkel clear and the mouthpiece is specially angled for a perfect fit in your mouth.
Tusa Imprex Fins, Mask, Snorkel And Bag Package
This Package includes the TUSA Imprex Fins, TUSA Liberator Plus Mask, EDGE Shadow SD Snorkel and EDGE Mesh Backpack bag.
Tusa Imprex Hyperdry Snorkel
The Tusa Imprex HyperDry Snorkel reflects the latest technological advancements to get the driest possible air delivery.
Tusa Imprex II Hyperdry Snorkel
Scuba or Swimming Snorkel- Tusa Imprex II HyperDry. The exhaust pipe features a special cross-cut design to allow for quick, efficient clearing.
Tusa Imprex Snorkel
TUSA IMPREX SNORKEL features Silicone swivel mouthpiece, Corrugated flex joint, and Hologram top reflector for superior identification.
Tusa Liberator X-10 Mask and Hyperdry Snorkel
The Liberator X-10 Mask is a higher volume mask - great for larger faces, and offers a wide field of vision with the ample side windows.
Tusa Mask Snorkel Combo Rc2546
The Reef Tourer RC-2546 mask and snorkel set is a great choice for the vacation- bound snorkeler or a watersports enthusiast looking for quality equipment to jump into the water.
Tusa One Window Purge Mask and Hyperdry Snorkel
The One Window Purge Mask and Hyperdry Snorkel RC-8000 has a Hyperdry system (One-way purge valve) for easy clearing (PAT) .
Tusa Platina Hyperdry Snorkel
The sensation of residual water (gurgling) while snorkeling is eliminated. This revolutionary snorkel uses a new mouthpiece, designed with the aid of ergonomic engineering.
Tusa RC2014 Mini Kleio Combo
The Reef Tourer RC-2014QJ junior mask and snorkel set is a great choice for the vacation- bound snorkeling child. The RC-2014QJ is a good match with our RF-10, RF-12 or RF-14 junior sized fins.
Tusa RC8000 Imprex Hyperdry Combo
The Reef Tourer RC-8000 mask and snorkel set is a great choice for the vacation- bound snorkeler. The RC-8000 is a good match with our RF-10, RF-12 or RF-14 fins.
Tusa Reef Tourer Snorkel
The Reef Tourer Snorkel is a simple snorkel for free and easy snorkeling. The pipe angle is already fixed, thus reducing jaw fatigue.
Tusa Snorkel Hyperform
This snorkel features a cross cut barrel, a flexible mouthpiece and an integrated drain purge valve.
Tusa SP 460Q Imprex Ii Snorkel
The SP-460Q Imprex II Snorkel by Tusa set the standard for snorkel features. It has a special angled chamber at the top that is offset from the main barrel.
Tusa SP-110 Snorkle Mouthpiece
Snorkel mouthpiece for Tusa Platina Snorkel. Replacement mouthpieces are a cost effective way to get more life out of your snorkel.
Tusa Two Window Mask and Snorkel
This Tusa Two Window Mask and Snorkel RC-2215Q features aSilicone double feather-edged skirt for added comfort.
Tusa Xpert SF-8 Snorkeling Equipment Package
Our Tusa Xpert SF-8 Equipment Package is designed for the scuba diver or serious snorkeler that appreciates quality and innovation at an exceptional savings.

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