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Snorkeling Gear By Innovative

Innovative Snorkeling Gear
Innovative Comfort Snorkel Keeper
Simple, reliable, tried-and-true construction with exceptional features you will appreciate use after use. Considerably outlasts many other types of snorkel retainers.
Innovative Dual Color Snorkeling Vest Different Yet Visible Snorkeling
No hunting through the sea of yellow snorkel vests to find your buddy. Instead this snorkel vest has dual hi-vis colors and includes easy access oral inflator.
Innovative Evo Adult Dry Snorkel
The new 100% dry snorkel offers both style and functionality. When submerged under water our Dry Top has a buoy that rises and seals the air chamber, thus keeping the snorkel completely free of water.
Innovative Evo Breeze Pro Snorkel
Excellent comfort and performance make this snorkel a great choice for your weekend snorkler or an every day diver.
Innovative Evo Deluxe Snorkel Vest
The snorkeler can orally inflate and deflate the volume of air in the vest to their requirements.
Innovative Evo Deluxe XL Snorkel Vest
Some added comfort for our larger snorkeling friends. The snorkeler can orally inflate and deflate the volume of air in the vest to their requirements.
Innovative Evo Drift Combo
The brand new Evo Drift Combo features a low volume two window mask and a semi-dry snorkel. This stylish mask can also be fitted with corrective lenses.
Innovative Junior Snorkeling Vest
Make your snorkeling experience safer and more enjoyable with a snorkeling vest. Easy to use, the snorkeler controls how much air is added via the oral inflation / deflation valve.
Innovative Sale Nav Lx Equipment Package
Whether you are starting scuba classes or heading out on a snorkeling adventure, our Nav LX Equipment Package is an exceptional value.
Innovative Scuba Antimicrobial Mouthpiece
Provides divers a cleanliness benefit! This silicone rubber mouthpiece has the antimicrobial agent captured in the silicone, it will not wash off.
Innovative Scuba Evo Breeze Purge Snorkel
The Breeze snorkel is a great value for the occasional snorkeler or avid scuba diver. The long bore keeps the snorkel out of the waves and a purge at the base allows for easy clearing.
Innovative Scuba Jacket Snorkel Vest
The latest innovations in snorkel vest fit, comfort and styling are all incorporated in our Deluxe Jacket Style Snorkel Vest.

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    3.Innovative Dry Pak 210 Waterproof Waist Pouch
    4.Innovative Evo Deluxe Snorkel Vest
    5.Innovative Scuba Lobster Loop with Lock
    6.Innovative Inflatable Float Dive Flag
    7.Innovative Deluxe Diver Tools - Repair Kit
    8.Innovative Ez Spring Fin Straps (pair)
    9.Innovative 15" X 20" Mesh Drawstring Bag
    10.Innovative Lobster Inn Bag with Zipper

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