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Masks By Mares

Mares Masks
Mares Brama Scuba Mask
This single window mask is a good economical choice for the snorkeler with a large face on a budget. There is ample room for easy ear clearing in the nose well.
Mares Cyborg Watersports Goggle
Mares Cyborg Watersports Goggle.
Mares Dacor Trivista Scuba Mask Blue
This is one of the Most Popular Masks of all time!
Mares Demon Mask
The Mares Demon 2-Lens Mask gives an exceptionally wide view underwater. The liquid silicone skirt molds perfectly to most any facial contour and its buckles are very easy to adjust - even underwater.
Mares Diablo Mask
Mares Diablo MaskThe Mares Diablo mask has a truly unprecedented field of vision Liquid silicone for a soft comfortable ...
Mares ESA Mask
For the very first time, divers can enjoy peripheral vision with Mares revolutionary six-lens mask.
Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask
Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask Unique design for a unique technology The Essence mask is the maximum expression of LiquidSkin technology Silicone and glass come together and blend to create a ...
Mares Fiesta Single Window Dive Mask
A great silicone mask for people on a budget. The single lens faceplate allows good visibility and the soft nose well allows for easy ear clearing.
Mares Fullview ESA 6-Lens Diving Mask
Here's the Esa Mask by Mares! A new MARES record: the first 6-lens mask in the world. The Esa revolutionizes the mask concept.
Mares Lirica Mask
The Lirica, an innovative shape that revolutionizes underwater vision. The mask window projects downward and out to the sides, drastically reducing the blind spots in the lower field of vision.
Mares Logica 2-Window Dive Mask
A silicone mask that is economical and comfortable. The Logica is it. This two window mask has low internal volume which aids equalization.
Mares Magica 2-Window Mask Dive Mask
The Magica is two-window mask that has low internal volume allowing the snorkeler or diver to clear his mask easily .
Mares Mares Demon Wide View Scuba Mask Swim Mask
The Demon offers a wide view of the underwater world, while the frame features an overmolded soft material to offer superior comfort.
Mares Mares Famous X Vision Swim Mask Scuba Dive Mask
Thanks to its all-new design and innovative technical solutions, X-Vision offers a truly unprecedented field of vision, without limitations.
Mares Mares Kona Mid Scuba Mask For Kids Kids Snorkel & Swim Mask
A smaller version designed for children and adults with small faces.
Mares Mares Pure Vision Scuba Mask Scuba Dive Mask
Modern design and cutting-edge technical solution for good vision in the water.
Mares Mares X Vision Mid Dive Mask With Midsize Skirt Scuba Mask
In just a few years the X-Vision has become a benchmark in diving masks.
Mares Mares X Vision Mid Liquid Skin Dive Mask Snorkel Swim Mask
All the incredible benefits provided by the X-Vision LiquidSkin are now available for all those divers with a narrower face.
Mares Opera Mask
Unique elegant styling and low internal volume make this a beautiful and distinctive mask. Its ergonomic shape adapts to virtually any face thanks to the soft hypo-allergenic silocone skirt.
Mares Photography Spearfishing Mask
Photography Mask Spearfishing Mask. A highly requested black silicone mask for the photographer or spearfisherman. This is the mask for this purpose.
Mares Polinesia No-Fog Goggles
Keep chlorine, salt and waterborne bacteria out of your eyes as you are having fun in the swimming pool or beach. Have fun in the water and enjoy the good fit of the Polinesia swim goggle.

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