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    Jacket & Vest Style
    Compare discounted prices online for the most durable jacket & vest style BCD’s. Read reviews from hundreds of other diving enthusiasts on the most popular jacket & vest style BCD’s from top-rated manufactures like Aeris, Cressi Sub and more!
    Platina Evolution Pro BC By Tusa
    Tusa Platina Evolution Pro BC
    The new Evolution Platina BCJ-5500 buoyancy vest features a three-dimensional wraparound bladder for the greatest buoyancy in the most compact vest package.
    Cobra Bcd with CQR2 Weight Integration By Genesis
    Genesis Cobra Bcd with CQR2 Weight Integration
    The Corba BCD from Genisis is a jacket style BCD that features Trim-weight pockets & is built with ballistic nylon construction!
    Oceanus Limited Edition Silver By IST
    IST Oceanus Limited Edition Silver
    Oceanus Limited Edition Silver Buoyancy Compensator Scuba BC
    Mares Vector Epic Weight Integrated Scuba Bcd By Mares
    Mares Mares Vector Epic Weight Integrated Scuba Bcd
    Mares Vector Epic Weight Integrated Buoyancy Compensator
    Oceanus Weight Integrated BC By IST
    IST Oceanus Weight Integrated BC
    Good balance and plenty of lift compliment this BCs features. And dont forget, since this BC is weight integrated, you wont need a weight belt. One extra expense saved.
    Solaris BC By Sherwood
    Sherwood Solaris BC
    This Sleek Back-inflation Travel BC has taken the next step in comfort modeling the Axis the BCD's newest features but cut for a womans torso and body.
    Price: $0.00
    Intrepid Classic Buoyancy Control Systems By DUI
    DUI Intrepid Classic Buoyancy Control Systems
    A true Buoyancy Control System featuring all the advantages of weight-integration with none of the hassle.
    Mares Vector 1000 Airtrim Buoyancy Compensator By Mares
    Mares Mares Vector 1000 Airtrim Buoyancy Compensator
    One of the best BCs in the world.
    Liberator Sigma BC By Tusa
    Tusa Liberator Sigma BC
    The Tusa Liberator Sigma bc is the newest in Tusas long line of high quality BC vests.
    Price: $0.00
    Dacor Nautica Airtrim Buoyancy Compensator Scuba Bc By Mares
    Mares Dacor Nautica Airtrim Buoyancy Compensator Scuba Bc
    This special version of DACOR'S NAUTICA jacket is unique and very advanced in the evolution of Buoyancy Compensator Devices.
    HD 100 Bcd By Hollis
    Hollis HD 100 Bcd
    HD100 (Heavy Duty) Comfort! Function! Durability! The HD100 is everything the advanced sport diver could ask for.
    Price: $0.00
    Atmos XT BC By Aeris
    Aeris Atmos XT BC
    The best of both worlds. The new and innovative design of the ATMOS XT allows the freedom of movement and other benefits you have come to expect from a rear-inflation BC.
    Paragon BC By IDI
    IDI Paragon BC
    Buoyancy Compensator Scuba BC - Enhance your total diving experience with the outstanding Paragon buoyancy compensator.
    Altima JX200 Buoyancy Compensator By Scuba Max
    Scuba Max Altima JX200 Buoyancy Compensator
    Don't miss out on this incredible, deep discount deal on a quality Scuba Diving BC.
    Atmos Sport BC By Aeris
    Aeris Atmos Sport BC
    The Aeris Atmos Sport BC, our new, economically priced buoyancy compensator.
    Silhouette By Sherwood
    Sherwood Silhouette
    Rugged. Dependable. Durable. Affordable. This jacket-style BC is color coded with accent piping. Top Choice of Dive Schools and Rental Shops Worldwide.
    Price: $0.00
    Liberator Alpha BC By Tusa
    Tusa Liberator Alpha BC
    The separately formed tank rail prevents tank rail the newly-developed Tank Suspension System achieves a tighter fit between the upper end of the tank and the body.
    Stiletto BC By Zeagle
    Zeagle Stiletto BC
    The Stiletto BC— Zeagles Rugged BCD For Travel or Local Diving. It is a rugged full featured but light weight BC, designed for divers who may do both warm and temperate water diving.
    Price: $0.00
    Platina Evolution BC - BCJ-3850 By Tusa
    Tusa Platina Evolution BC - BCJ-3850
    The BCJ-3850 is a BC Jacket designed to create absolute tank stability. In addition to the Ultimate Stabilizing Harness which prevents the tank moving around.
    J101 W/Flight Control Bcd By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub J101 W/Flight Control Bcd
    Cressi J101 features new innovative flight control system that gives you all your bouyancy control right below the left hand pocket, putting it in an easy to grip spot.
    S116 Bcd By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub S116 Bcd
    A new addition to Cressi's extensive line of BCD's, the S116 is a fully weight integrated BCD allowing for the use of 30 lbs of weight.
    Price: $0.00
    Tropic BCD By Genesis
    Genesis Tropic BCD
    Ideal BC for the traveling diver. Buoyancy mounted on the back to leave chest area clear for maximum are movement.
    Aquapro 5 BCD By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub Aquapro 5 BCD
    Aquapro 5 is an innovative BCD that combines both weight integration with conventional weight system. A perfect BCD for the diver looking for minimal weight integration.
    Masterlift Tek Buoyancy Compensator By Beuchat
    Beuchat Masterlift Tek Buoyancy Compensator
    The Beuchat Masterlift TEK Buoyancy Compensator incorporates all of the latest technical innovations and developments making the Masterlift the best Sport-TEK diving buoyancy compensator
    Reef Rider BCD By Aeris
    Aeris Reef Rider BCD
    The ultimate travel BCD weighing less than 6.5lbs and packing flat.
    Price: $0.00
    Platina Evolution BC - BCJ-3800 By Tusa
    Tusa Platina Evolution BC - BCJ-3800
    Platina Evolution BC BCJ-3800 has been further developed for a new model with an Independent Harness System in addition to the Ultimate Stabilizing Harness which fixes the tank onto two support rails.
    Cobra BCD By Genesis
    Genesis Cobra BCD
    The Genesis Cobra Buoyancy Vest is the highest quality, best build BC available in the non-weight integrated class.
    J111R W-Flight Control By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub J111R W-Flight Control
    Cressi J111R comes with the Flight Control System.
    Hemisphere Bcd By Dacor
    Dacor Hemisphere Bcd
    A BC that offers an excellent quality price ratio. The integrated quick lock weight system and Trim Weight for rear weights guarantee optimum buoyancy in all conditions.
    J107 Flight Control System BC By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub J107 Flight Control System BC
    Cressi-sub Flight Control System on the J107 now allows for total effortless fingertip buoyancy control.

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    Top 10 Jacket & Vest Style
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    2.Mares Dragonfly Aria BC
    3.Mares Vector Origin
    4.Mares Vector 1000 AT BCD
    5.Mares Morphos BCD
    6.Cressi Sub Aqualight BCD
    7.Mares Pegasus AirTrim BC
    8.Dacor RAV BC
    9.Zeagle Ranger BCD
    10.Zeagle Ranger LTD BC

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