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    Buy spearguns online at discount prices and save for your next underwater hunting adventure! Compare prices of spearguns from top-rated manufactures like Cressi Sub, Mares, Rhino and more! Read reviews of the most popular spearguns available online!
    38-Special Northwest Speargun By JBL
    JBL 38-Special Northwest Speargun
    This is the NorthWest edition of the 38-Special. It has an open muzzle, which allows for faster and easier loading of the spearshaft.
    Price: $0.00
    Explorer 22 Speargun By JBL
    JBL Explorer 22 Speargun
    This speargun is similar to the Sawed-Off Magnum without all of the power or the Tru-Glide system. Its ideal environment is the rocks and reefs to open water.
    Aspic 75cm Speargun By Sporasub
    Sporasub Aspic 75cm Speargun
    The Sporasub Aspic Speargun is a quality speargun at a value price.
    No-Ka-oi Mid Handle 56 By Riffe
    Riffe No-Ka-oi Mid Handle 56
    N No Ka Oi Mid Handle Speargun. The mid-handle series of heavy duty laminated teakwood guns allow for quicker turns to help you get around on your target.
    Super Carbine Speargun By JBL
    JBL Super Carbine Speargun
    Taking advantage of the handle being at the end, the Carbine series squeezes every ounce of force out of the slings. The Super Carbine has an effective range of 21 feet.
    Price: $0.00
    Sea Hornet Rhino W Commercial Muzzle 48 By Spearfishing Specialties
    Spearfishing Specialties Sea Hornet Rhino W Commercial Muzzle 48
    The Commercial speargun represents a unique departure from conventional speargun designs and concepts.
    Explorer 20 Speargun By JBL
    JBL Explorer 20 Speargun
    The ultimate entry level speargun. Its price, size and ease of use make this one of our best sellers. Includes single barb stainless tip, single band, and 24" x 5/16" shaft.
    Price: $0.00
    Comanche 90 Rubber Sling Gun By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub Comanche 90 Rubber Sling Gun
    Cressi-Sub Comanche 90 Rubber Sling Gun Cressis popular Blue Water gun. Handle with 4 line releases, one below trigger. Synthetic rubber butt, Hydrodynamic muzzle in perfect alignment.
    Aspic 90cm Speargun By Sporasub
    Sporasub Aspic 90cm Speargun
    he ASPIC is an excellent speargun concieved from experience in high perforamnce spearguns. Light, compact, easy to handle, powerful and accurate.
    Carbine Speargun - D7 By JBL
    JBL Carbine Speargun - D7
    The Carbine Series spearguns are a great all-purpose gun for small to large game. The Carbine is made of 1 inch clear anodized aluminium and comes with 2 slings.
    Comanche 75 Speargun By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub Comanche 75 Speargun
    The Comanche series spear gun barrels are made of the highest quality anodized aluminum. All barrels are sealed, minimizing in-water weight, allowing for easy firing.

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    Top 10 Spearguns
    1.Cressi Sub Comanche 75 Speargun
    2.JBL Carbine Speargun - D7
    3.Sporasub Aspic 90cm Speargun
    4.Cressi Sub Comanche 90 Rubber Sling Gun
    5.JBL Explorer 20 Speargun
    6.Spearfishing Specialties Sea Hornet Rhino W Commercial Muzzle 48
    7.JBL Super Carbine Speargun
    8.Riffe No-Ka-oi Mid Handle 56
    9.Sporasub Aspic 75cm Speargun
    10.JBL Explorer 22 Speargun

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