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Snorkels by Innovative

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    Innovative Snorkels
    Scuba Evo Breeze Purge Snorkel By Innovative
    Innovative Scuba Evo Breeze Purge Snorkel
    The Breeze snorkel is a great value for the occasional snorkeler or avid scuba diver. The long bore keeps the snorkel out of the waves and a purge at the base allows for easy clearing.
    Evo Breeze Pro Snorkel By Innovative
    Innovative Evo Breeze Pro Snorkel
    Excellent comfort and performance make this snorkel a great choice for your weekend snorkler or an every day diver.
    Evo Adult Dry Snorkel By Innovative
    Innovative Evo Adult Dry Snorkel
    The new 100% dry snorkel offers both style and functionality. When submerged under water our Dry Top has a buoy that rises and seals the air chamber, thus keeping the snorkel completely free of water.

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