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    Scuba Regulators
    Buy scuba regulators online and at discount prices. Choose the highest quality scuba regulators from top-rated manufactures like Aeris, Oceanic, and more. Browse reviews from many other diving enthusiasts on the most popular scuba regulators available.
    RG2500 Regulator By Dive Rite
    Dive Rite RG2500 Regulator
    The proven Dive Rite RG2500 scuba regulator offers excellent performance and reliability, yet is very affordable. All Dive Rite regulators feature a lifetime warranty.
    Proton Ice Extreme Regulator By Mares
    Mares Proton Ice Extreme Regulator
    V32 Proton Extreme The regulator for the most demanding professional Divers - Tested and approved by US Navy for use in water temperature as low as 29F/-1.7 C. You wanted the best..
    Price: $0.00
    RX650 Boss  Regulator By Sea Elite
    Sea Elite RX650 Boss Regulator
    Sea Elite RX650 BOSS Regulator The Sea Elite Rx650 regulator is one of the most powerful regulators on the planet A high performance regulator designed for the technical diver and those who ...
    Price: $0.00
    XS2 Regulator By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub XS2 Regulator
    The Cressi-Sub XS2 regulator has proven to be a low maintenance, durable regulator with outstanding performance characteristics at a very economical price.
    Blizzard Regulator By Sherwood
    Sherwood Blizzard Regulator
    Professional or enthusiast, if cold-water divings your thing, Blizzard is your regulator. The first regulator specifically designed for these extreme conditions.
    Epic Regulator Set By Edge
    Edge Epic Regulator Set
    The EDGE EPIC regulator CAN TRULY BE CONSIDERED "High Speed and Low drag" both in the water and on your wallet!
    Price: $0.00
    Oasis Regulator By Sherwood
    Sherwood Oasis Regulator
    If youre a warm-water diver who gets that awful feeling of dry mouth, you are going to love Oasis with moisture-retention fins that keep your mouth cool and comfortable.
    Price: $0.00
    Tek X06  Regulator By Sea Elite
    Sea Elite Tek X06 Regulator
    The Tek X06 regulator is one of the most powerful regulators on the planet. A high performance regulator designed for the technical diver and those who demand the very best.
    Price: $0.00
    RS-130 Regulator By Tusa
    Tusa RS-130 Regulator
    Tusas RS-130 Regulator features a first stage weigh in at a mere 22 oz., making it the lightest in its class. Balanced piston first stage to ensure constant and steady air flow.
    Sport XR3 Regulator By Sea Elite
    Sea Elite Sport XR3 Regulator
    Sea Elites Sport XR3s Regulators,piston 1st stage,1 HP port and 3 LP ports, easy flow second stage, lightweight.
    ZX 50D Regulator By Zeagle
    Zeagle ZX 50D Regulator
    The Zeagle ZX / 50D is designed for the recreational diver to the advanced technical diver.
    ZX Flathead VI Regulator By Zeagle
    Zeagle ZX Flathead VI Regulator
    Ultimate Performance in a Low Profile Environmentally Sealed Design. The ZX Flathead VI is the Flagship of Zeagles regulator line.
    Price: $0.00
    Atmos Pro Regulator By Aeris
    Aeris Atmos Pro Regulator
    This pneumatically balanced, adjustable 2nd stage will provide you the highest performance for many years. Pneumatic balancing 2nd stage provides the lowest possible inhalation effort.
    GS-2000 Regulator By Genesis
    Genesis GS-2000 Regulator
    The Genesis GS2000 regulator is a perfect high performance diver adjustable regulator at an extremely low price.
    XStream Duration Green Regulator By Poseidon
    Poseidon XStream Duration Green Regulator
    The Xstream second stage has a well proven construction with a number of newly developed characteristics.
    RS-230 Regulator By Tusa
    Tusa RS-230 Regulator
    Tusas RS-230 Regulator features a first stage that is a balanced diaphragm system with 4 high pressure ports and 2 low,sure ports, 2nd stage adjustment to control the ease breathing.
    SR1 Regulator By Sherwood
    Sherwood SR1 Regulator
    SR high performance regulator is NOW AVAILABLE. With superior breathing performance of less than 0.5 joules/liter, W.O.B. at 165 fsw, 62.
    Price: $0.00
    XStream Deco Regulator By Poseidon
    Poseidon XStream Deco Regulator
    The Xstream second stage has a well proven construction with a number of newly developed characteristics.
    Cyklon 5000 W/Regulator Din By Poseidon
    Poseidon Cyklon 5000 W/Regulator Din
    Cyklon 5000 is a real workhorse a lightweight regulator which gives the diver plenty of air even when worked hard. Exhaust is to the side to keep your view clear.
    212 W Swiv Overbalanced W Swivel  1ST Din By Hollis
    Hollis 212 W Swiv Overbalanced W Swivel 1ST Din
    Breathe with confidence, knowing you have the peak of 30 years of regulator design in the 212 regulator. The 212 2nd stage w/Diaphragm 1st stage is designed to be the best in world performance.
    Alpha 8 By Oceanic
    Oceanic Alpha 8
    The Alpha Standard. For recreational divers looking for professional performance at a reasonable price.
    Trainer Pro Regulator By Dacor
    Dacor Trainer Pro Regulator
    PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE, ENTRY LEVEL PRICE. If you believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance for price, the DACOR TRAINER PRO REGULATOR is for you.
    Eagle DPD Regulator By Dacor
    Dacor Eagle DPD Regulator
    The Eagle DPD is characterized by its extremely lightweight second stage with top-level performance.
    V-32 Proton Metal Regulator By Mares
    Mares V-32 Proton Metal Regulator
    Mares V32 Proton Metal Regulator. The all metal dive regulator is ideal for dives in very cold water. With oversized purge button for easy operation with gloves.
    Eagle Regulator By Dacor
    Dacor Eagle Regulator
    Dacors Eagle Regulator is small lightweight and easy to breath. 1st stage has 5 ports, 4 low pressure and 1 high pressure. 2nd stage has Vortex assisted design
    OZ Titanium Regulator By Genesis
    Genesis OZ Titanium Regulator
    The Genesis OZ Titanium Regulator is the regulator for the serious diver. All titanium construction promises durability and long life with half the weight of standard regulators.
    Magnum Regulator By Sherwood
    Sherwood Magnum Regulator
    Ready to pack-up and go, this compact, precision-crafted performer is the regulator of choice for many recreational divers.
    Price: $0.00
    Maximus Regulator By Sherwood
    Sherwood Maximus Regulator
    The ideal choice for advanced, professional, cave and wreck divers, Extremely compact and comfortable regulator.
    Ellipse Titanium Regulator By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub Ellipse Titanium Regulator
    The Ellipse Titanium second stage regulator features a breakthrough patented design that utilizes an elliptical shape which allows for use of a larger diaphragm, resulting in less breathing effort.
    Price: $0.00
    Eagle Pro DPD Regulator By Dacor
    Dacor Eagle Pro DPD Regulator
    This regulator by Dacor features a unique look combined with unbeatable lightness, the simple and effective DPD (Dive/Pre-Dive) system matched with an ergonomic Balanced Diaphragm First Stage.

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