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    Scuba Regulators
    Buy scuba regulators online and at discount prices. Choose the highest quality scuba regulators from top-rated manufactures like Aeris, Oceanic, and more. Browse reviews from many other diving enthusiasts on the most popular scuba regulators available.
    Airtech Piston Regulator By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub Airtech Piston Regulator
    For the diver looking for consistent high performance under all diving conditions, the Cressi-sub pneumatically balanced Airtech 2nd stage is the ideal choice.
    Tek X05  Regulator By Sea Elite
    Sea Elite Tek X05 Regulator
    The Tek X05 regulator is one of the most powerful regulators on the planet. A high performance regulator designed for the technical diver and those who demand the very best.
    R10 Adjustable Balanced Piston Regulator By IST
    IST R10 Adjustable Balanced Piston Regulator
    The new IST R10 Adjustable Balanced Piston Regulator is a winner!
    Prestige 22 Ntt Regulator Free Shipping By Mares
    Mares Prestige 22 Ntt Regulator Free Shipping
    Available in 2009, the Mares Prestige 22 NTT uses breakthrough technology for mid-size technopolymer second stages.
    Price: $0.00
    SS-10 Safe Second Stage By Tusa
    Tusa SS-10 Safe Second Stage
    Lighter and smaller, the SS-10 combines a large discharge valve with a deflection tube and deflector to reduce exhaust resistance.
    Envoy Deluxe Regulator By Zeagle
    Zeagle Envoy Deluxe Regulator
    If you are looking for an economical regulator that does not compromise on performance or reliability, you can not do better than the Envoy and Envoy Deluxe!
    Price: $0.00
    Proton 42 Metal She Dives Scuba Regulator By Mares
    Mares Proton 42 Metal She Dives Scuba Regulator
    The high performance and optimum hose placement of MR42T, combined with Proton Metal second stage with oversized purge button provides the ideal regulator for travel and for cold water diving.
    Abyss 22 Scuba Regulator By Mares
    Mares Abyss 22 Scuba Regulator
    Abyss gained its notoriety for reliability by setting many diving records, such as deep-solo-dive at -313mand 101 divers breathing simultaneously for 40min from a single MR22 first stage.
    Ion Regulator W Dvt Free Shipping By Aeris
    Aeris Ion Regulator W Dvt Free Shipping
    After four years of development, AERIS is proud to introduce the ultimate mini-breather.
    Price: $0.00
    Mares Prestige 32 Ntt Diving Regulator Int By Mares
    Mares Mares Prestige 32 Ntt Diving Regulator Int
    Breakthrough technology for mid-size technopolymer second stages.
    Duo-air  Inflation Regulator IR-3 By Tusa
    Tusa Duo-air Inflation Regulator IR-3
    Combines Octopus Regulator And Power Inflator on A Single Hose
    RS-240 Regulator By Tusa
    Tusa RS-240 Regulator
    TUSA RS-240 is the newest introduction to the Tusa regulator line. It features the R-200 flat first stage with left-right hose port symmetry.
    RS-340 Regulator By Tusa
    Tusa RS-340 Regulator
    The RS-340 regulator is equipped with a swivel joint between the second stage and L.P. hose to minimize the pulling feeling.
    Price: $0.00
    GT 3 By Oceanic
    Oceanic GT 3
    The GT 3 puts you in total control with its patented Dynamic Adjustment feature. Whether youre snorkeling to your dive site or working.
    Proton V12 Metal Regulator Free Shipping By Mares
    Mares Proton V12 Metal Regulator Free Shipping
    The Mares Proton V12 Metal regulator joins the traditional reliability of the MR12T first stage, evolved by the integration of the brand new tri-material valve, with the technical quality of the ...
    Price: $0.00
    Ellipse Alaska Titanium Regulator By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub Ellipse Alaska Titanium Regulator
    New version of the Ellipse Titanium, for divers who mainly use regulators in cold water.
    Atmos AT400 Sport Regulator By Aeris
    Aeris Atmos AT400 Sport Regulator
    Dry Valve Technology (DVT) is a revolutionary regulator technology designed to automatically reduce moisture and contaminants from entering your first stage inlet.
    Atomic Aquatics B2 Regulator By Atomic
    Atomic Atomic Aquatics B2 Regulator
    Crazy Price $725.00The first picture does not show correct regulator. But the second picture (blue B2) is correct.
    Odin Jetstream Mk3 Regulator By Poseidon
    Poseidon Odin Jetstream Mk3 Regulator
    The Jetstream Mk3 is an updated version of the classic Jetstream regulator. Poseidon has now connected a Jetstream second stage with an Xstream first stage, thus creating a high performing regulator.
    Price: $0.00
    Airplus Diaphragm Regulator By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub Airplus Diaphragm Regulator
    Utilizing the same versatile high flow first stage as the Airtech, the Cressi-sub diaphragm featurres four low-pressure ports
    R20 Regulator By IST
    IST R20 Regulator
    The new IST R20 Balanced Piston Regulator is a winner. R20 a regulator made with superb precision engineering, designed for reliable functionality, effortless breathing, easy maintenance and safety.
    Cressi Sub Ellipse Alaska /Mc7 Af Regulator Free Shipping By Cressi Sub
    Cressi Sub Cressi Sub Ellipse Alaska /Mc7 Af Regulator Free Shipping
    This model has been designed mainly for use in cold water.
    Price: $0.00
    Atomic Aquatics ST1 Regulator By Atomic
    Atomic Atomic Aquatics ST1 Regulator
    Crazy Price $899.00Atomic Aquatics has created another industry first, the ST1 stainless steel regulator.
    Spirit / Airtec Regulator By IDI
    IDI Spirit / Airtec Regulator
    The IDI Seaira Spirit Airtec Regulator is a great choice for a first regulator or for sport diving scenarios.
    AT 400 Pro Regulator By Aeris
    Aeris AT 400 Pro Regulator
    The AT 400 Pro Regulator from Aeris features the high performance, over-balanced diaphragm AT 400 First Stage with DVT (Dry Valve Technology) paired with the pneumatically balanced...
    Price: $0.00
    M1 Din Sealed By Atomic
    Atomic M1 Din Sealed
    The M1 has an expanded performance range and special features to meet almost any diving condition imaginable, whether recreational or Tech.
    Price: $0.00
    A1 Regulator By Aeris
    Aeris A1 Regulator
    The ultimate performance to value ratio. The A1 Regulator is a great performer at a great price.
    Prestige 12 Regulator By Mares
    Mares Prestige 12 Regulator
    Excellent performance without a high price, incorporating all the features that make Mares regulators stand out from the rest.
    Price: $0.00
    Flathead-XP  Regulator By Zeagle
    Zeagle Flathead-XP Regulator
    The Flathead-XPs wide-open internal structure allows for direct and unrestricted airflow through the 1st stage, giving very low breathing resistance.
    RG2500 Regulator By Dive Rite
    Dive Rite RG2500 Regulator
    The proven Dive Rite RG2500 scuba regulator offers excellent performance and reliability, yet is very affordable. All Dive Rite regulators feature a lifetime warranty.

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    7.Mares Abyss 2006 Dive Regulator
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    9.Dacor Viper Metal Regulator
    10.Dacor Viper Tec America

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