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Communication by Ocean Reef

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    Ocean Reef Communication
    Gsm With Nacs Transceiver By Ocean Reef
    Ocean Reef Gsm With Nacs Transceiver
    Ocean Reef GSM with Nacs Transceiver GSM Global Submarine Messenger It is a basic underwater communications version It has only a manual mode with a PTT transmission amp automatic receiving mode ...
    Price: $0.00
    Digital Surface Station By Ocean Reef
    Ocean Reef Digital Surface Station
    The M105 Digital is a surface to diver communication unit which allows surface personnel to talk with divers in the water and vice versa.
    Price: $0.00
    Visor Lights For Neptune Space By Ocean Reef
    Ocean Reef Visor Lights For Neptune Space
    The Visor Lights for the Neptune Space mask consist of a row of 6 powerful LEDs, assembled in a removable system placed inside the mask visor.
    Communication System With Gsm By Ocean Reef
    Ocean Reef Communication System With Gsm
    The GSM DC underwater transceiver unit incorporates the latest innovations in underwater ultrasonic 2-way radio communication.
    Neptune Surface Communicator By Ocean Reef
    Ocean Reef Neptune Surface Communicator
    This unit can be used from the boat. Drop the antenna in the water, then talk via microphone.
    Neptune II Communicator By Ocean Reef
    Ocean Reef Neptune II Communicator
    Communication system for the full face mask.

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