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sealife film cameras
SeaLife 35mm ReefMaster RC MAXX
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SeaLife 35mm ReefMaster RC MAXX

Category:  SeaLife Film Cameras
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Product Number:  SL149

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  • The dream of every diver is to capture those intensive magic colors of coral, sponges and strange sea creatures of the underwater world. An external flash and macro lens attached to an underwater camera help to bring out these rich colors in underwater photos. Sealife‘s Reefmaster MAXX is a dual strobe system with a complete set of photographic equipment that will help divers achieve their goals.
    Waterproof up to an impressive 164 feet, the Reefmaster RC camera included in the Reefmaster MAXX system compensates for tricky underwater photographic conditions by including an oversized sports viewfinder and shutter-release. It is completely automatic and a special on-camera coral flash combats underwater blue effect.
    The Reefmaster Flash uses a slave system that is triggered by the camera‘s built-in flash without the use of cable or connections. The dual strobe system not only expands the distance range of the flash, but it creates better colors by illuminating the object from two sides, thereby avoiding shadows. Translucent objects can be made to "glow", and many effects can be created by angling the Reefmaster Flash to provide light from the front and side. The flash can be adjusted without the use of screws, and the arms can be easily extended with the two included extension arms.
    Sealife‘s external flashes are positioned 12 inches away from the camera‘s lens and a deflector covers the camera‘s built-in flash to reduce annoying backscatter -- small particles in the water that reflect light and cause white spots to appear in the picture. In addition, the flash units function reliably at distances from two to eight feet from the subject.
    The Macro 3x lens weighs only 2 ounces and slips onto the camera for close-up photos within 2 to 4 feet underwater and 10 inches on land. For distances over 4 feet, simply slip the lens off, even when underwater.
    Professional divers will consider the Reefmaster MAXX a necessity for any underwater excursion!

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