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hangair wetsuit hangers
Hangair Wetsuit/Drysuit Dryer 120 Cfm Fan Hanger
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Hangair Wetsuit/Drysuit Dryer 120 Cfm Fan Hanger

Category:  Hangair Wetsuit Hangers
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  • Do you dread slipping into a cold, wet, smelly wetsuit or drysuit – especially on a frigid early- morning dive? Well, you’re not alone. The HangAir Wetsuit/Drysuit Dryer is designed specifically to eliminate wet- wetsuit dread. Start dry and warm every dive. HangAir is used by recreational divers and dive professionals around the world. The problem of cold, wet, smelly wetsuits is universal, but the solution is HangAir.

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    Hangair Wetsuit/Drysuit Dryer 120 Cfm Fan Hanger - Compare Prices
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