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oceanways full foot snorkeling fins
Oceanways Vortec Adjustable Full Foot Fins
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Oceanways Vortec Adjustable Full Foot Fins

Category:  Oceanways Full Foot Snorkeling Fins
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  • The completely adjustable, OceanWays Adjustable Full Foot Fin. This unique fin has the softest foot pocket we have ever seen in a snorkel fin. Most important, the heel cup is completely adjustable. This fin is like having the convenience of an open heel fin, with the comfort and trim of a full foot fin. Available in an Adult and a Child size, this is the first fin we have seen that enables you to get the good, tight fit essential for foot comfort, while still being easy to get you foot in. This is due to the adjustable heel pocket. No more guessing on the proper size to order. For your children, the fin simply grows with the child! As the foot size increases from year to year, you simply use the easy pull strap adjustment to accommodate. No more struggling to get into your full foot fins. No more blisters and sore heels typical of non adjustable foot pocket fins. This OceanWays fully adjustable full foot fin solves all of the problems normally associated with full foot fins. Enjoy the comfort of the most amazing full foot snorkel fin on the market....enjoy the OceanWays Adjustable Full Foot fin.

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