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cressi sub snorkeling packages
Cressi Sub Efficient Pro Star Fin, Mask & Snorkel
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Cressi Sub Efficient Pro Star Fin, Mask & Snorkel

Category:  Cressi Sub Snorkeling Packages
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  • Cressi-Sub PRO STAR Full-foot Fins with a great fitting low volume Dive Mask and Snorkel for an affordable price! The Rondine Pro Star full-foot fin is the latest innovation by Cressi regarding fullfoot fins. It is derived directly from the revolutionary manufacturing technology and materials that produced the Gara 2000 fins and subsequently Master Frog, Space Frog and Rondine Pro Light. The Rondine Pro Star is made from a special high-tech polymer, that is extremely lightweight but at the same time very penetrating, which makes it indisputably superior to the classical EVA copolymer, normally used to make fins. Further, the blade of the Pro Star fins boasts an exceptional innovation: a differentiated thickness. In fact, the Pro Star fin blade is about 4mm thick in proximity to the foot and becomes progressively thinner towards the edge of the blade, where it becomes half as thick. This revolutionary innovation makes for an even lighter, flexible and penetrating blade at the end, while it offers considerable resistance in the connecting area, which must not bend at all during kicking. Like all the Frog series, the Cressi-Sub Pro Star fin foot pocket, made from soft elastomers, extends along the lower part of the blade, so the blade itself remains undisturbed by the presence of the foot pocket. The fin blade ends up with 20% more useful surface, which in practice translates to more efficient thrust. The fin foot pocket has been redesigned, increasing the width and changing the form. The Pro Star fin is therefore extremely comfortable as well as being very easy to wear. We would also like to point out the longer blade structure that does not stop at the front section of the foot, but continues right to the end of it, increasing the longitudinal firmness of the blade itself and making it possible for perfect transfer of the muscular work of the leg to the Pro Star fin.

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    Cressi Sub Efficient Pro Star Fin, Mask & Snorkel - Compare Prices
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