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miscellaneous underwater mp3 players
Miscellaneous Snorkeling Communication System iPod Transmitter
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Miscellaneous Snorkeling Communication System iPod Transmitter

Category:  Miscellaneous Underwater MP3 Players
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  • Wow! All your snorkel buddies can listen to tunes and more from their snorkels! Wouldn't it be cool to listen your your iPod music while snorkeling? (Imagine the mix you could make) What if a group of you could all listen while snorkeling together? This set offers a wealth of possibilities such as training instruction, guided snorkel tours, critical rescue situations, and more. Utilizing groundbreaking bone conduction technology this set of 7 snorkels, headset, & battery operated transmitter allows effective surface-to-swimmer communication. Through the use of a wireless transmitter constructed of a splash resistant housing, a user can talk to or transmit music and other recordings to swimmers and snorkelers. iPod Ready! Water Trainers / Snorkeling instructors: What if you could direct/instruct all of your students while snorkeling? Improve the quality of your lessons, create new, innovative and exciting pool sessions your competitors wished they could! Divemasters: Want to communicate with all snorkelers around the dive boat? What about entertaining them with any program material (music, etc) between any anouncements you need to make? Perfect for the "stray" student! Parents! Want to tell the kids it's time to eat or come back to the shore/boat? Kids will want to listen to their snorkels (if you play their music!) and will listen when you cut in. Every yacht owner should have a set for their guests. Safety AND fun! Aqua relaxation therapy? This set is definitely an asset to that need. Relaxing with music, following the instructors indications, your swimmers will discover new sensations and a feeling of well being. This set is great for anyone who wants a musical snorkel! Includes 7 Snorkels & 1 Transmitter with headphone/microphone headset. 7 Snorkels!

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