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scuba max titanium dive knives
Scuba Max Titanium Dive Knife Stiletto
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Scuba Max Titanium Dive Knife Stiletto

Category:  Scuba Max Titanium Dive Knives
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  • This is the last dive knife you'll ever need! Why? Titanium! Titanium has hit the market in many different forms, from knives to bicycle frames to auto parts. What makes this metal any different from other metals? Titanium is known for its tremendous strength as a metal compound. It is currently used in many high-tech industries to replace steel and other weaker or heavier metals. Titanium and its alloys ( any mixture of the original metal with other metals) are approximately 40% lighter than stainless steel and have strength up to 200, 000 lb/M2 (1378 Mpa). This combination of lightness and strength gives Titanium alloys the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any structural metal. This high ratio is maintained from -216 Celsius to 538 Celsius. Another property of Titanium materials is corrosion resistance. A thin, hard oxide surface film provides excellent resistance to atmospheric and sea environment as well as a wide range of chemicals. This tough oxide surface also allows Titanium to have high abrasion resistance. If this surface grinds away, a new film forms instantly. Get youself an awesome Titanium knife, complete with a solid gripping sheath with leg straps and plastic storage case. Blade extends from the handle 4.5" but runs the length of the entire knife, 9.5". Pointed Stiletto tip. Includes Straps. Black Sheath.

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