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seacure regulator accessories
SeaCURE Seacure Custom Replacement Mouthpiece For Scuba Regulators
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SeaCURE Seacure Custom Replacement Mouthpiece For Scuba Regulators

Category:  SeaCURE Regulator Accessories
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    • Have you experienced a sore and tired jaw after the scuba dive? Do you repeatedly bite through your mouthpiece? Then you need a SEACURE Custom Mouthpiece for your regulator.
    • SeaCURE mouthpieces were created by an orthodontist for total diving comfort. It is the only mouth-piece that is press-fitted to your bite eliminating the strain on your jaw.
    • SeaCURE is a tremendous boon to divers in the water for many hours each day. Some technical divers like using SeaCure on one of their breathing sources and an ordinary mouthpiece on the other source to help avoid the dangerous mistake of using the wrong one.
    • SeaCure1 - For Aqua Lung (metal regs.), Apollo, Atomic, Beuchat (evol, Ice, Nit., VXT8, VX4, octo), Dacor (after 1992), Cressisub, Pro Sub, Scuba Pro, Tabata (not imprix) Sherwood (early model), Parkway, IDI, Nemrod, SAS, Seac, Bridgestone, NDS.

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    SeaCURE Seacure Custom Replacement Mouthpiece For Scuba Regulators - Compare Prices
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