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adventure medical kits first aid
Adventure Medical Kits Sam® Blist O ban 6 Pack Medium
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Adventure Medical Kits Sam® Blist O ban 6 Pack Medium

Category:  Adventure Medical Kits First Aid
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  • SAM® Blist-O-Ban 6-Pack Medium Description: Saying "never again" to blisters. Blist-O-Ban® does its job because of something we call the Gliding Principle™. Each Blist-O-Ban® bandage is comprised of several laminated layers of breathable plastic film bonded together, except for a “bubble” in the center, where the layers are free to glide across each other. When something rubs against the Blist-O-Ban®, these layers slide smoothly against each other, rather than your tender skin. There’s no need to cut it to shape—no need to do anything but slap it on and go. The relief is so dramatic that people sometimes wonder whether the product contains a local anesthetic (it doesn’t).

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