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miscellaneous snorkeling packages
Miscellaneous Joedivers Velocity Mask, Fullfoot Fins & Dry Snorkel
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Miscellaneous Joedivers Velocity Mask, Fullfoot Fins & Dry Snorkel

Category:  Miscellaneous Snorkeling Packages
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  • JoeDiver's Velocity Mask, Fullfoot Fin & MasterDry Snorkel Package for Snorkel or Scuba If you are looking a high quality professional Mask, Fin & Snorkel set for any level of snorkeling this gear fits the bill. Top line gear at a package price from Joe, read on! Dual Lens Mask Features: Double feather edged side of this mask is made of the highest grade crystal silicone to provide a snug water tight fit while also delivering comfort Wide color selection Strong high density polycarbonate frame provides strong resistance against impact. Protecting your investment Use this mask while swimming, snorkeling or diving! Available with purge too! For $10 additional, upgrade your mask to the ease of purge clearing. A Must for contact lens wearers! Choose above. Aeris Velocity Full Foot Scuba or Snorkeling Fin The Velocity Full Foot Fins feature Aeris' unique Power Enhancing Vents (PEVs) for reduced leg stress and increased velocity. Small and lightweight (only about 2.5 lbs per pair), comfortable foot pocket yet extremely efficient. Excellent performance characteristics. Great for both scuba and snorkeling. Ideal for the traveling, warm-water diver. Rodale's Testers' Choice rated. JoeDiver's MasterDry Snorkel: Never have the ocean flood your snorkel again. Waves won't enter. Descend and the tube won't fill up. You've found Joe Diver's 100% dry snorkel. Oh, and not a 90 day warranty like other products out there. 1 Year. You'll be happy....and dry. Joe Diver's new MasterDry Dry snorkel offers both style and fuctionality. Its ocean design prevents water from entering the tube from the splash of ocean waves. When submerged below the surface, our dry top has a buoy that rises and effectively seals the air chamber, keeping the snorkel completely dry! And lets say you take it out of your mouth underwater or on the surface to chat with your buddy. The convenient bottom purge allows you to blow out any water that might have entered through the mouthpiece.

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    Miscellaneous Joedivers Velocity Mask, Fullfoot Fins & Dry Snorkel - Compare Prices
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