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mares jacket & vest style
Mares Mares Dragon Buoyancy Compensator
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Mares Mares Dragon Buoyancy Compensator

Category:  Mares Jacket & Vest Style
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  • The Dragon, designed for people who want security, comfort, and style. The Dragon offers the comfort of a traditional style BC without encumbrance or restrictions. Excellent buoyancy, even when using a dry suit or very thick wet suit (cold water), hydrodynamic, and covered in plush for use with light wet suits (warm water). Twin Exhaust Valve "Twin Exhaust Valve" system ensures quick air release with a single maneuver, regardless of the diverís position under water. The check valves prevent the entry of water through the pneumatic valves. Ergo inflator Compact, ergonomic, and reliable inflator. Power inflation, gradual deflation and quick air dump, oral inflation. MRS Plus MRS Plus represents the evolution of the first mechanical-release weight system introduced on the market. Incorporating a newly designed buckle system, simply fasten the buckle in place for optimum security,click the buckle in place for optimum security, one pull movement to release your weights. Max load of 6k/13 lbs with most sizes. The interior is divided into multiple sections in the event you do not use the full capacity. Trim weights Compartment for use of fixed weights. QAS Ė Quick Adjust System Thanks to this system, itís easy, fast, and safe to adjust the cummerbund, and it ensures better adherence to the body. BPS Lumbar Support System With the BPS lumbar support system for top-notch comfort before the dive, this BC is very elegant and features numerous functions.

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