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innovative first aid
Innovative Mitigator Jellyfish Extreme Scrub
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Innovative Mitigator Jellyfish Extreme Scrub

Category:  Innovative First Aid
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  • Jellyfish are aquatic animals that can cause a "sting" when they come into direct contact with humans or other animals. Injuries usually occur when humans are swimming or wading in ocean waters and accidentally come into direct contact with these marine creatures. The stingers are usually located at the ends of the tentacles and contain poisons that can be toxic to humans. In most cases, however, the poisons only cause injury to the part of skin that comes into direct contact with the tentacles. Mitigator immediately and permanently relieves harmful effects of insect stings and bites without harsh chemicals.Insect toxins and venom can create an overwhelming urge to dig bacteria-laden fingernails into the traumatized area. Mitigator's unique, granulated formula allows the sufferer to participate in the treatment, while safely mitigating the dangerous impulse to scratch.Scrubbing with Mitigator's topical antiseptic ingredients helps to eliminate the possibility of secondary infections and scarring that may occur because of scratching. Circulation created by scrubbing effectively forces toxins from just below the outer skin layer, or epidermis, back to the surface, where Mitigator can neutralize them. In cases in which the victim has already scratched, treating with Mitigator as soon as possible will help cleanse the area of any bacteria

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