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tusa jacket & vest style
Tusa Tusa Passage Awls BCJ 1650 Free Shipping
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Tusa Tusa Passage Awls BCJ 1650 Free Shipping

Category:  Tusa Jacket & Vest Style
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Product Number:  BCJ1650

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  • The BCJ-1650 is a lightweight and compact BC Jacket especially developed for backpackers and divers who travel to overseas resorts. The bladder is made of 420 denier nylon, a material that provides an excellent fit without sacrificing flexibility or strength. Unnecessary functions and accessories have been eliminated, enabling a lightweight XS size of only 2.3kg/5 lbs. This is especially convenient when traveling to a diving resort by air or other forms of public transport, or for divers who find heavy jackets difficult to carry. Naturally, the Integrated Stabilizing Harness and the Independent Harness System also ensure outstanding tank holding performance.

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    Tusa Tusa Passage Awls BCJ 1650 Free Shipping - Compare Prices
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