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Featured Dive Gauges
Browse through a vast selection of dive gauges online at discount prices. Compare dive gauge console styles and prices from top-rated manufactures like Dacor, Oceanic and more! Read reviews of the most durable and reliable dive gauges from other diving enthusiasts online.
Mares Mares Mission 2 Compact Console

Mares Scuba Gear
The Mares Mission 2D Compact analog console features a unique design and superior technical features.
Oceanic Pony Bottle Gauge Psi

Oceanic Scuba Gear
Try this on for size. The miniature Pony Bottle Gauge is a fully functional submersible pressure gauge rated to 5,000 psi.
Oceanic Swiv Depth Guage Module

Oceanic Scuba Gear
Oeanic Swiv Depth Guage ModuleModular flexibility.
Mares Gauge Consoles Oceanic Pressure Gauges Oceanic Depth Gauges
Oceanic Wrist Compass

Oceanic Scuba Gear
Oceanic Wrist CompassFind your way. For reliable underwater navigation, the SideScan Compass is hard to beat.
Oceanic Swiv Psi Metric

Oceanic Scuba Gear
Oceanic Swiv SPG Metric A highly accurate spiral wound Bourdon tube pressure gauge that keeps track of tank pressures up to400 bar and a thermometer that displays ambient temperature.
Sea Elite Slimline 2 Metric

Sea Elite Scuba Gear
Sea Elite Slimline 2 Metric Compact 2 gauge console. Small and compact for less drag and weight. Brass pressure gauge to 340bar and 75Meters depth gauge with maximum depth indicator.
Oceanic Compasses Oceanic Pressure Gauges Sea Elite Gauge Consoles
OMS Oms Miniature Spg

OMS Technical Diving Equipment
OMS Miniature SPG While others use scratch prone plastic lenses and distortion prone plastic cases OMSreg uses only scratch resistant tempered glass lenses GBU utilizes a plastic lens and non ...
Poseidon Psi Gauge

Poseidon Scuba Gear
This 300 bar (4350 psi) pressure gauge is a small model that will not be in the way during the dive. Made of robust metal.
Oceanic Compass Hosemount Assy Vt

Oceanic Scuba Gear
Don't always need your compass for navigation; this convenient hose mount compass module is your best choice.
OMS Pressure Gauges Poseidon Pressure Gauges Oceanic Compasses
Oceanic Compass Module Sidescan

Oceanic Scuba Gear
Side Scan Compass Module fit's Older Oceanic Consoles
Tusa Element Ii 3 Gauge

Tusa Scuba Gear
The SCA-352 three gauge Element II console features the IQ-750 Element II dive computer, a 4000 psi pressure gauge and the SCA-140 compass module in a compact low-profile two color boot.
Tusa Element Ii 2 Gauge

Tusa Scuba Gear
2 color compact low-profile boot ,4000 psi / 250 bar pressure gauge with lumi-Nova dial,Advanced 3 button puck-style module in wrist boot,Air, nitrox, Gauge, Free Dive Operating Modes,2 Mix ...
Oceanic Compasses Tusa Gauge Consoles Tusa Depth Gauges
Innovative Wrist Watchband Compass Mini Fits 3/4" Wrist Band

Innovative Scuba Gear & Accessories
This Mini Wrist Compass can be added to a 3/4" wristband. Dimensions: approx. 1" square.
IST Scuba Compact Low Pressure Gauge 0 300psi

IST Scuba Gear
First Stage intermediate pressure checker.
Mares Mares/Dacor Console Supreme P Analog Console

Mares Scuba Gear
Precision submersible pressure gauge, with metal case.
Innovative Compasses IST Pressure Gauges Mares Pressure Gauges

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