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Underwater Kinetics Scuba Gear
For over a quarter century Underwater Kinetics, better known as UK, has been in the business of designing and manufacturing lights, containers and accessories for use in harsh or difficult environments. Featuring waterproof lights are standards for scuba divers, fire fighters, utility workers and health and safety personnel.
Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon 100
UW Kinetics Cannon Hid Light lighting technology, the light Cannon emits a beam of light as white as the sun and penetrates water further than any conventional halogen or Xenon dive light.
Underwater Kinetics Blue Tang Titanium Drop Point Dive Knife
The solid titanium blade combine straight and serrated cutting edges with a quick release sheath.
Underwater Kinetics Sunlight C8 Dive Light
Small size, high brightness and good value make the Sunlight C8 one of UKs best selling lights. Combine it with the rechargeable upgrade kit for the light of choice for most diving situations.
Medium and Large Lights Titanium Dive Knives Medium and Large Lights
Underwater Kinetics D4 Bulb, 400
This 5.8 watt replacement bulb will fit the Underwater Kinetics 400 and D4 lights.
Underwater Kinetics ELED Module for C4/C8 Dive Lights
Upgrade your C4 or C8 light to an ELED Light.
Underwater Kinetics eLED Dive Pak
eLED by Underwater Kinetics brings you the latest in lighting technology...white LED light travels farther through water for Maximum Visibility!
Dive Light Accessories Dive Light Accessories Light Packages
Underwater Kinetics Dive Beacon
Long burn time and high brightness make it a perfect chemical light stick replacement,high visibility red personal marker beacon.
Underwater Kinetics Blue Tang Knife Blunt Tip
Underwater Kinetics UK, Dive Knife - Blue Tang Knife Blunt Tip The Underwater Kinetics Blue Tang stainless steel dive knife with a patented corrosion reducing handle linkage make this...
Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 Dive Light
Works well as a photographers spotting light. Fits Sea and Sea, Ultralight and other camera mounting adapters.
Specialty Lights Steel Dive Knives Specialty Lights
Underwater Kinetics Pro Pak
The Pro Pak by Underwater Kinetics brings you three pieces of equipment you need for great diving in one convenient package.
Underwater Kinetics Heavy Duty BCD Hanger With Din/Yoke Fitting
This Heavy Duty BCD Hanger is a must for drying and storing your BCD. Keep that dive gear in good shape by storing your gear properly. Heavy duty design to last long and maintain shape.
Underwater Kinetics Blue Tang, Blue Tang Titanium Sheath
Blue Tang, Blue Tang Titanium Sheath
Light Packages BCD Hangers Shears and Accessories
Underwater Kinetics Blue Tang Titanium Knife Dive Knife
For the Scuba diver that demands the best in dive knives! Joe Diver is proud to offer this high quality, titanium dive knife, at an afford- able price.
Underwater Kinetics SL4 Bulb
UK SL4 replacement bulb. Always carry a spare.
Underwater Kinetics Sunlight C4 Dive Light
The C4 is the smallest pistol grip style dive light designed for divers who want to minimize their gear. Dive the 6.6 watt C4 with long lasting disposable alkaline C-size batteries.
Titanium Dive Knives Dive Light Accessories Medium and Large Lights
Underwater Kinetics Bulb Cannon Hid
Replacement bulb for Cannon HID ...
Underwater Kinetics 409 Clear View Dry Box
Superior waterproof container for protecting water sensitive items. Gray tinted transparant lid permits viewing the contents without breaking the seal.
Underwater Kinetics Fathom 4 Pak
A collection of the worlds best selling dive lights, molded in high brightness fluorescent yellow for maximum visibility above and below water.
Dive Light Accessories Small Dry Boxes Light Packages
Underwater Kinetics Trigger Knife
UW Kinetics Trigger Dive Knife is a 5.4 inches long in the sheath, this knife expands into a fully functional emergency knife for cutting entangling lines and ropes.
Underwater Kinetics Uk Blue Tang, Blunt Tip, Yellow Dive Knife
For the diver who demands the ultimate in corrosion resistance, keen edge, and strength, the Underwater Kinetics Blue Tang features a titanium blade.
Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL4 Dive Light
The smallest and brightest 4 C-cell dive light made, emits narrow and penetrating beam for seeking out unique marine life found under ledges.
Steel Dive Knives Titanium Dive Knives Small Dive Lights

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