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Sporasub Spearguns & Freediving Fins
Sporasub has always celebrated and recognized the enormous value of instinct while manufacturing its extensive line of spearguns and accessories. Continuing to remain one of the worldís top specialists in spearfishing, Sporasub is name you can rely on for all your underwater hunting adventures!
Sporasub Aspic 90cm Speargun
he ASPIC is an excellent speargun concieved from experience in high perforamnce spearguns. Light, compact, easy to handle, powerful and accurate.
Sporasub Variant Comp Freediving Fins
The big fin that travels like a standard fin. The Variant uniquely combines a number of technologies into one high performance fin. It advances the championship long blade design of H.
Sporasub Aspic 75cm Speargun
The Sporasub Aspic Speargun is a quality speargun at a value price.
Spearguns Freediving Fins Spearguns
Sporasub Dessault 16 Speargun Bands
Made from pure, natural seava sap rubber for longer life and reduced loss of performance. Dessault Replacement Speargun Bands by Sporasub, have the best power to time ratio of any on the market today.
Sporasub Torpedo Buoy
This aero-dynamic and hydro-dynamic float is easy to drag behind divers and snorkelers. It includes dive flag, numerous attachment points for fish stringers, tow lines and more. Includes 150 ft.
Sporasub Stainless Steel Spear Shaft for Stealth 85
Replacement spear shaft for our Sporasub Stealth 85cm / 33.5in Pneumatic Speargun. Includes line retainer and shaft ring as shown. Also fits the Mares Cyrano 850 Series.
Slings & Bands Diver Down Buoys Speargun Shafts

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