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Riffe Spearguns & Underwater Hunting Equipment
RIFFE has earned the reputation for building a premier speargun for the Silent Hunter. Today, RIFFE is proud to offer their customers, not only the most advanced speargun, but a variety of scuba diving accessories supporting all levels of diving.
Riffe Silencer Knife
The ultimate knife for the silent hunter. Features a 4 3/4" blade that is perfect for dispatching your next big catch.
Riffe Long Blade Freediving Fins
RIFFE Long Blade Freediving ...
Riffe Silent Hunter
Jay Riffe has worked closely with the staff of OMERSUB of Italy to create one of the most advanced designs in full foot long bladed fins to-date.
Steel Dive Knives Freediving Fins Freediving Fins
Riffe No-Ka-oi Mid Handle 56
N No Ka Oi Mid Handle Speargun. The mid-handle series of heavy duty laminated teakwood guns allow for quicker turns to help you get around on your target.
Riffe H Hawaiian Mid Handle 50
This H Hawaiian Mid Handle 50 is the speargun of choice for those serious blue water hunters who pursue the big pelagic fish of the open ocean
Riffe Deluxe Stubby Knife
similar to our Spearfishers Knife, but with a pointier 3 1/2" high quality, H.T. 420 stainless steel Teflon coated blade for a quick silencing of your catch. Compact for arm or BC mount.
Spearguns Spearguns Steel Dive Knives
Riffe Speargun Travel Case Large
Speargun Case for large guns. Made of closed cell foam-backed water repellant heavy duty Nylon. Bag holds up to 3 guns plus gear.
Riffe 1mm Wetsuit Bottoms
Riffe designed this unisex 1mm neoprene wet suit top for the Silent Hunters diving in waters 70 degrees and up.
Riffe Sight Amber Lenses Freediving Mask
RIFEE Sight Amber Lenses Freediving and Spearfishing Mask - Fits a variety of medium to wide faces. Lowest volume RIFFE mask, closest to the eyes with high visibility.
Speargun Cases Mens Dive Masks
Riffe Stable Snorkel
The Stable is the easiest cleaning snorkel tested in the industry, snorkel comes with a top quality hinged snorkel keeper and has been tested by divers as a true fresh air snorkel for freedivers.
Riffe 1mm Hooded Spearfishing Wetsuit Top With Cocking Pad
RIFFE 1mm Hooded Spearfishing Wetsuit Top with Cocking ...
Riffe Frameless Freediving Mask
RIFEE Frameless Freediving and Spearfishing Mask - Low volume mask fits a variety of faces and has a single lens for excellent visibility.
Snorkels Mens Dive Masks

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