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Dive Rite Scuba Gear
Whether your passion is diving beautiful reefs, deep wrecks, extreme caves, or diving them all, Dive Rite makes the gear to take you as far as you want to go. So gear up and hit the water with confidence, with Dive Rite.
Dive Rite Transpac Harness
The TransPac was the worlds first BC system designed from the ground up to be vastly more capable than BCs designed primarily for single-tank, recreational diving.
Dive Rite NiTek PLUS Wrist Watch Computer
NiTek Plus Wrist Watch Computer. No larger than a standard dive watch, the NiTek Plus meets the need for a versatile time-keeping device above water.
Dive Rite 300 Lumen LED Light
Dive Rite Hand-held HID Light delivers a full 500 Lumens of illumination for up to 30 hours in a flashlight sized form-factor.
Back Inflation BCD Nitrox Dive Computers Medium and Large Lights
Dive Rite Hid Slimline 10 Watt H10
The DIVE RITE HID SLIMLINE 10 WATT H10 features the Welch Allyn Solarc™ bulb, but with a focusable reflector making it Dive Rite's most versatile light head.
Dive Rite 6-Degree MR11 Slimline Lighting System
This MR11 head is a 6- degree fixed-focus parabolic reflectors. MR11 head features Dive Rites exclusive form-fitting hand mount, so it can be used virtually hands free.
Dive Rite SuperWings Dual Bladder
Super Wings are designed for technical divers who need or desire both exceptional lift and built-in redundancy.
Canister Lighting Canister Lighting Back Inflation BCD
Dive Rite Back Plate and Harness
Dive Rites Back Plate and Harness collection enables users to combine back plates made from one of three different materials with two different harness designs.
Dive Rite Maxtec Max O2 Plus Oxygen - Nitrox Analyzer
The NEW Max O2+ Oxygen Analyzer is compact and easy to use and carry, it even comes with it's own Otter Dry Box to protect it while in transit.
Dive Rite Classic Wings
Divings first air cell designed specifically for use with double cylinders!
Back Inflation BCD Nitrox Back Inflation BCD
Dive Rite TransPlate Harness
The new TransPlate harness utilizes many features and benefits of the TransPac harness for divers who demand comfort and the perfect fit when using a stainless steel or aluminum back plate.
Dive Rite Handheld HID 10 Watt Light
Dive Rite's 10W HID Hand-held Light, featuring the SunSpot HID fixed-focus beam, produces 500 Lumens of illumination with convenience of a flashlight and the performance of a HID canister light!.
Dive Rite DIN Tank Checker
The Din Tank Checker is made from high-quality machined brass, and provides readings in both imperial and metric measurements.
Back Inflation BCD Medium and Large Lights Pressure Checkers
Dive Rite See Me Safety Tube
The "See Me" tube is orally inflated on the surface. When not in use, the "See Me" rolls up to fit easily inside the Thigh Pocket or Two Zipper Pocket, or can be clipped to any harness D-ring.
Dive Rite Brass Ring Round 2 Inch
Ring- Round - Brass- 2 Inches
Dive Rite Lift Bag Carry Sleeve
This can easily be mounted on your Transpac II or TransPlate system.
Inflatable Signal Tubes Grease & O Rings Lift Bags
Dive Rite Travel Wings
The most compact Transpac II air cell. Travel Wings are a popular choice among divers who dive only single cylinders or who want an additional, compact Transpac air cell for use solely with singles.
Dive Rite Dual Rec Wings
Dive Rite Dual Rec Wings are for divers who desire built-in redundant buoyancy control while using either double or large single tanks.
Dive Rite RG2500 Regulator
The proven Dive Rite RG2500 scuba regulator offers excellent performance and reliability, yet is very affordable. All Dive Rite regulators feature a lifetime warranty.
Back Inflation BCD Technical Scuba Regulators
Dive Rite Sliding Bolt Snaps
Sliding bolt snaps are available in several different sizes, either by themselves, or on one-inch webbing or stainless loops to fit two-inch harness webbing.
Dive Rite TransWeight 16 Pockets (Set of 2)
The Dive Rite TransWeight 16 Weight Pockets are the smaller cousin to the TransWeight 32 system and have undergone extensive testing and re-design.
Dive Rite Nitek Duo Docking Station
The NiTek Duo Docking Station and accompanying NiTekLogic software is used to download dives to a PC running Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, or 98 Second Edition.
Weight Accessories BCD Utility Pockets Computer Accessories

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