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DiveBooty brings together the very best dive shops on the internet so that you can shop, compare prices, read reviews and save on brand name scuba equipment. By bringing together discount scuba stores we offer the largest selection of scuba fins, masks, regulators, bcd's, snorkels, spearguns, t-shirts, underwater cameras and more all at the very best price online. We have 259 categories of scuba gear from 174 of the most popular scuba manufacturers. Whether you are shopping for yourself or a friend you will appreciate the savings we provide by enabling you to price compare dive shop prices online. Our scuba diving price comparison service updates prices and availabilty in real-time taking away a lot of the guess work that other less advanced shopping services offer.

Browse our scuba catalog to find everything you need, whether you are a novice diver or a dive professional we have all of the scuba toys you will ever need. We list hundreds of snorkeling sets, scuba packages, BC & regulator packages, wetsuits, dive watches, dive guages & computers and a vast array of underwater hunting equipment many of which can be delivered with Free Shipping. If you are looking for cheap scuba gear online look no further as we list all of the scuba manufacturers available online. For divers on the go we have an extensive selection of dive bags, duffles, scuba equipment travel systems, regulator bags, and roller travel bags to make traveling with diving gear easy and convenient.'s Scuba Gift Registry!
We have just launched the very first scuba registry! Our new registry allows you to select from any product we display from all of the web’s best online dive shops. This new feature allows you to customize your scuba registry, select which products to add to your registry and notify all of your friends and family via email. When an item is purchased everyone who visits your scuba gift registry will know if the item has been purchased so you won’t get duplicates and have to return them. Sign up today and create your new scuba registry!

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Buoyancy Compensators (BCD)
Scuba BC - BCD's Back inflation or Jacket Style Buoyancy Compensators (BC). Ladies BCD's also available. Choose from Apollo, Dacor, Genesis, IDI, Mares, Plantina, Sherwood TUSA, or Zeagle Scuba BC's Accessories.
Snorkel & Scuba Fins
Adjustable Scuba Fins Full foot, open heal, strap and freediving fins by Apollo, Dacor, Mares, OMER, Riffe, Sporasub and TUSA scuba fins. Fin accessories and full foot snorkeling fins at rock bottom prices!
Scuba Masks
Prescription Dive Masks Scuba masks dive masks, prescription dive masks, kids diving mask by Sporasub, Dacor, Mares, Genesis, Ocean Master, OMER, TUSA and Sea Vision Masks. The best prices on swim goggles online.
Scuba Diving Regulator Accessories Discount prices on balanced scuba regulators, side exhaust, first and second stage regulators. Regulator accessories manufactured by Apollo, Beuchat, Dacor, Genesis, IDI, Mares, Poseidon, Sherwood and TUSA
Dive Computers
Dive Computers & Scuba Computers Analog depth and pressure gauges, computer accessories, air diving computers, nitrox computers, and more. Made by Abysmal Diving, Dacor, Genesis, Mares, Sporasub, and Tusa dive computers.
Snorkeling Gear
Snorkeling Gear & Accessories We list snorkels, snorkel vests, snorkel packages and snorkeling bags. Buying snorkel gear is relatively simple, make sure that you refer to the sizing charts with regards to both your snorkeling fins and snorkel mask.
Underwater Cameras
Underwater Cameras & Digital / Video Cameras Underwater cameras come in many varieties; non-flash disposables, 35MM film cameras, flash disposables, digital underwater cameras, and underwater video cameras.
Dive Gauges & Compassess Most dive gauges combine both depth and air pressure for your scuba cylinder. While there are some single dive gauges for specific applications, integrated scuba gauges are most common. Generally when you purchase a 2-Gauge console & compasses you will have both depth and pressure with the gauge.
Safety Equipment
Saftry Gear & First Aid Accessories Safety equipment is essential for safe scuba diving. We list numerous signaling devices which can either visually or audibly get you recognized in case of an emergency. From tank bangers, dive flags and noise makers you will have the first aid tools you need to alert your fellow divers.
Underwater Hunting
Underwater Hunting & Accressories We have a huge selection of underwater hunting equipment! Whether you are looking for a new speargun, polespear, lobster gear or replacement parts. We list hunting gear & hunting accessories from Mares, Riffe, JBL, Spearfishing Specialties and many more.
Dive Cylinders & Tanks
Scuba Tanks & Dive Cylinders An aluminum scuba tank is considerably lighter than it's steel cylinder counterpart, but steel scuba diving tanks take punishment better and generally can last longer.
Dive Bags
Mesh, Duffle, & Dive Bags Dive Bags come in many styles, shapes and sizes picking the right one can make bringing your scuba equipment with you on a trip much easier. If you are looking for a regulator bag to carry on the plane, we also list those; and don't forget to pick up a cheap goody bag for memories of your dive trip!
Scuba Accessories
Dive Tools & Scuba Accessories There are many types of dive accessories, within our scuba accessories section you will find the most common diving accessories such as dive slates, clips, lanyards, lift bags, reels, tools and more!
Diving Watches
Men's & Women's Scuba Dive Watches Dive watches come in many styles and colors. Mens dive watches are larger than womens dive watches and we have separated them into men's and women's categories so you can easily find the best scuba watch for the best price.
Dry Boxes & Bags
Dry Boxes & Bags Whether you are looking to separate wet items from dry, or if protection of expensive camera equipment is your aim; keeping your belongings dry is very important. We list nearly a hundred dry boxes, dry bags and dry box accessories.
Scuba Diving Knives
Dive Knives & Scuba Knife Accessories From steel dive knives to titanium dive knives, a good diving knife can save your life! You will also find a large assortment of sheers & accessoires for the true professional diver or recreational diver.
Wetsuits & Rash Guards
Men's & Women's Wetsuits & Dive Skins Find discount prices on men's wetsuits or woman's wetsuits. Choose from a vast selection of dive skins, hoods, and gloves to keep you comfortable in the harshest conditions. If you are an avid snorkeler consider buying a rashguard to protect you from the sun and scrapes from bumping into coral reefs.
Underwater Lights
Underwater Lights & Strobes Before your next diving adventure, purchase a dive light or canister light to see the extraordinary colors of the sea. Buy online and save on dive light accessories & light packages!
We have been providing scuba equipment at discount prices since 2001 and have helped millions of divers find the best prices of dive gear online! All of our 12,000 diving products are covered with a full manufacturer's warranty, and sold by the internet's very best dive shops. We also provide scuba reviews for both diving equipment and online dive shops. We have worked very hard to provide our fellow divers with the best diving equipment at the best price. We do not allow shady grey market dive stores to promote their scuba diving gear on our site, so you can be assured that you are dealing with a reputable dive supplier when you buy your scuba equipment and snorkel packages through Dive Booty.

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